City Map Reading Activity

City Map Reading Activity #2: Answers
1. Color the map as follows: Blue-water, Red-fire station, Orange-museums, Yellowstadium, Green-parks, Pink-city hall, Purple-hospital, Brown-cemetery.
2 Draw a. green "X" at the intersection of C Street and 6th Avenue. Draw a black "X" where
River Street meets State Bridge. Draw a blue "X" at the address 650 A St.
3. In red, draw a short street route from the library to city hall.
4. Which bridge is closest to the Art Museum?
State Bridge
5. Which is farther north, River Park or City Park?
City Park
6. How far (in miles) is it from the bus station to the hospital?
0.1 mile
7. If you cross Denny Bridge going north, turn right at River St., the Fire Station (The route
turn left at Grove Ave., turn right at Oak St. and walk half a
is marked in blue on the
block, what building do you see on your right?
map above.)
8. What park is located in A2?
Smith Park
9. When you look north, you see the river. When you look east, you see the
High School. Where are you?
At the Zoo
Map Reading Activity #Answers
1. Color the water light blue, color the mountains purple,
color the land light green, and color the key yellow.
2. What is the name of the largest island above?
3. What is the name of the ocean in the map?
4. Which island is farthest west?
5. Which island is farthest south?
6. Draw a red "X" at latitude 20oN, longitude 157oW.
7. About how many miles is it from Hilo to Captain Cook?
50 miles
8. What direction would you travel to go from Hilo to Mauna
Map Reading Activity: Topography (answers)
1. Color the elevations on the topographic map as follows: Red-over
50m, Orange-from 40-50m, Yellow-from 30-40m, Light green-from 2030m, Dark green-from 10-20m, Purple-from 0-10m.
2. Approximately how tall is Able Hill?
about 42m
3. Approximately how tall is Baker Hill?
about 51m
Baker Hill by
4. Which mountain is taller, and by about how much?
about 9m
5. How many meters of elevation are there between
10 m
contour lines on the topographic map?
6. Which mountain is steeper?
Baker Hill
7. Are the contour lines closer together on Able Hill or
Baker Hill
Baker Hill?