LEED Housing

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Wednesday 9:50- 12:30

CSB 113

Instructor: Heather Wilkerson, LEED AP theprimitivehut@gmail.com


This course traces the history of sustainable design and introduces the special methods for evaluating the contribution of design to environmental quality by the Leadership on Energy and Environmental Design

(LEED) rating system as it pertains to housing. The primary text for the course will be LEED Homes .

This will be supplemented by articles, presentations and case studies to give an overview of green architecture as seen through the lens of its evolution and understand how sustainable building has been integral to architecture, building and communities throughout our history. The course will tie the LEED rating system’s five environmental categories into the lectures and will cover the methodologies, cost implications and consumer benefits of utilizing sustainable design rating systems for the design of housing.

WEEK 1: Intro

WEEK 2: History of Sustainable Design/ Economics of Climate Change

WEEK 3: Innovation and Design Process/ Case Study- Instructor

WEEK 4: Location and Linkages/ Case Study Assignments

WEEK 5: Sustainable Sites/ Student Case Study #1

WEEK 6: Water Efficiency/ Student Case Study #2

WEEK 7: Energy and Atmosphere/ Student Case Study #3

WEEK 8: Materials and Resources/ Student Case Study #4

WEEK 9: Indoor Environmental Air Quality/ Student Case Study #5

WEEK 10: Awareness and Education/ Review

WEEK 11: Exam

WEEK 12: Smart Location and Linkage/ Project Assignments

WEEK 13: Neighborhood Pattern and Design/ Working Session

WEEK 14: Green Infrastructure and Building/ Working Session

WEEK 15: Innovation and Design Process/ Working Session

WEEK 16: Regional Priority/ Working Session

WEEK 17: Projects due

Grading Policy:

Attendance- 10%

Participation/ Class Discussion- 15%

Case Study- 25%

Exam- 25%

Final Project- 25%

Please take note of the Rutgers Academic Integrity Policy: http://academicintegrity.rutgers.edu/integrity.shtml#I