Madeline Hunter Standards

Standards-Based Lesson Plan
Use this from for creating your daily lesson plans. Move from field to field with either the mouse or the tab key.
Exploratory Course
Introduction Course
Concentration Course
Capstone Course
Home Economics Careers and Technology Subject Matter: Food and Nutrition
Lesson Title and Duration
1 week
Learner Outcomes /
Identify the physical and chemical
Objectives (Write on the board so students and processes that occur when baking yeast
visitors are aware of student learning outcome)
Standards (the California State Standards
addressed in this lesson)
California State Standards for Career Technical Education
Identify the aspects of science related to
food preparation, product development, and
25.1 Describe the physical and chemical
processes that occur during food prep and
the effects of cooking methods and
ingredient substitution on food products and
their nutritional value.
Review of leavening agents and
introduction to yeast as a leavening notes,
yeast bread recipe, plan sheets, yeast
bread demonstration note sheet and
ingredients needed for recipe.
Supplemental worksheets.
Learning Needs
Anticipatory Set – activities that help focus
Ticket out review questions
students on the lesson of the day (the “hook”)
Teaching the Lesson
On note sheet students will copy down
notes on leavening agents.
 Modeling – how will you demonstrate
the skill or competency?
Students will watch teacher demo on yeast
dough and fill-in a vocab and ingredient
 Instructional Strategies – how will you purpose sheet.
deliver the lesson?
 Check for Understanding – how will
you ensure the skill or competency is
understood by the students?
Students will color code recipe and fill out
plan sheets.
Students will prepare cinnamon rolls
Learning Needs
Guided Practice /
Monitoring – an activity directly supervised by
the instructor that allows students to demonstrate
grasp of new learning. Instructor moves around
the room determining the level of mastery and
providing individual remediation as needed.
Closure – Statements or actions made by the
Students will make their dough for
cinnamon rolls.
Learning Needs
Completed project cinnamon rolls
instructor that help students make sense out of
what has just been taught, to help form a coherent
picture, to eliminate confusion and frustration, and
to reinforce major points to be learned.
What does yeast provide to the cinnamon
Practice – a question or problem for students to roll. What is the role of sugar and salt.
ponder on their own or in small groups or pairs.
The aim is to reinforce and extend the learning
beyond the lesson and ideally into real world
settings. This may be a homework assignment.
Evaluate & Reflect – after teaching the
lesson, ask students to reflect on their learning.
Instructors can also reflect on the lesson, its
success, and how it can be improved.
Learning Needs
Student will fill out evaluation on their
finished product and their performance.