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synonyms :
A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly
or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the
same language.
Examples of synonyms:
1- Little: Tiny and small.
2- Look: Gaze, see, glance and watch.
3- Run: Speed, hurry and escape.
4- Say/Tell: Inform, advise and explain.
5- Scared: Afraid, frightened and terrified.
6- Story: Tale, fable and narrative.
7- Take: Hold, catch and pick.
8- Think: Believe and consider.
9- Right: Correct, accurate and proper.
10- Quiet: Silent, soundless and mute.
11- New: Fresh, modern and recent.
12- Old: Ancient, old-fashioned and aged.
Some of them are nonfiction;
they are true stories about real
people and events.
Other stories are fiction; they are
not about real people or events.
The Man with the Gloves.
Page: 28.
1- Who is the hero of the story?
2- In which season does the story happen?
3- If you were the hero, would you do the same
4- Give another title for the story?
Parts of Speech.
Are the basic types of words that English
has. Most grammar books say that there
are eight parts of speech.
1- Nouns: Names of people or things.
Ahmad, Ameena, dog, Window and pen.
• My cat likes playing.
• Dan has an amazing car.
• We live in Canada.
2- Verbs: Actions or states.
(To) be, sing, sleep, work, eat and run.
• My brother is a doctor.
• She likes to bake.
• I did well in the exam.
3- Adjectives: Describe the noun.
Fast, beautiful, amazing and bad.
• My cat is big.
• She is beautiful.
• That cake tastes good.
4- Adverbs: Describe verbs, adjectives and
Quickly, silently, well and very.
• I eat slowly.
• He is very hungry.
• She writes really quickly.
5- Pronouns: Replace a noun.
He, she, it, I, you, they and we.
• She likes chocolates.
• They travel to Mecca.
• You are a good person.
6- Prepositions: Link a noun to another word.
To, at, after and in.
• We go to the school everyday.
• My final exam was on Monday.
• She lives in Jedda.
6- Conjunctions: Join clauses or sentences or words.
And but, when and while.
I like milk and ice-cream.
She likes cats but she doesn’t like dogs.
The telephone has rang while I was eating my dinner..
8- Interjections: Short exclamation,
sometimes inserted into a sentence.
Oh, wow and well.
• Hum, I’ll think about it.
• Hi! How are you?
• Well, I don’t know.
Guessing the meaning from the context.
Page: 88, 89 and 90.
Exercise: 7. Page: 68.
Exercise: 2. Page: 89.
Thank you.
See you next week.
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