Psychology 1010 Signature assignment

Psychology 1010- Signature Assignment Discussion Post
Q: Download and print the mouse party handout so that you can follow along.
Then visit the mouse party website.
Pick up each mouse to learn about the drug it has taken. You'll notice that the handout website
has the answers too, but you should fill out the empty handout as you review each mouse.
1. After you play the mouse party, post your message of one thing you learned, or found
surprising or disagreed with. Demonstrate your learning. Make sure you read all the posts before
yours and bring up something NEW. You will not earn points if you choose the same concept as
someone else. Give enough details to "teach" the information to someone who has not gone
through the webpage. (3 points)
2. Describe whether the information in the website was consistent or inconsistent with the
textbook. Remember to explain your comments. Demonstrate your learning. Give enough details
to "teach" the concepts to someone who has not read the book. Be specific, detailed and give
page numbers. (3 points)
3. Then give a personal assessment or opinion of the website. Did you like it? Why or why not?
Why did you choose to make the comment you made? (4 points)
Your post must bring something new to the discussion, something that no one else has brought
up. So, make sure you read all the posts before yours.
To earn all the points possible for discussions, refer to the post titled "Description of
Don't forget that you may also earn up to 3 extra credit points per discussion by commenting to
another student's post. It must be made in a new post (not in your original post), it must have the
person's name to whom you are commenting in the post and it must be a substantial post
demonstrating your understanding of the concept, your personal application or thoughtful
question. Your extra credit posts must further the conversation. No extra credit points are
awarded if you do not have an original post in the discussions.
A: 1. The mouse party activity allowed you to select a mouse that was on a different substance and it
would break down what happened naturally in the body(without substance use) and then what
happened when each substance was used and what the effects were. Something that I learned from
this mouse party exercise was the fact that we produce essentially our own chemical version of THC
but without the "high" feeling since its more quickly removed from the body. Something I also found
interesting that the text pointed out that the site didn't was the fact that each person's response to
THC is unique. If we're feeling sad or anxious (p.90), marijuana may "amplify those feelings."
2.The site could have been more informative like our text was concerning all of these drugs like
going into more detail on physiological effects. i.e.: Opiates cause" pupils constrict, breathing slows,
and lethargy sets in as blissful pleasure replaces pain and anxiety(p.91)."
3. I really enjoyed this exercise, it taught you the effects of each drug, areas of the brain impacted, as
well as the receptors it affects and what it does in a very simple way. I've always been a visual learner
so I enjoyed the interactive aspect of the site and that it allowed you to choose what drug you
wanted to find out more about. it seems simple enough that even younger individuals, not
necessarily college age, could understand it.
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