The Rain Forest

By Nicholas Batey
A rainforest is a place that has a jungle of trees.
It gets a lot of rain there. Many kinds of animals
and plants live there because they like it being
hot and very wet.
Where in the world are the rain
The problem that exists
People are burning the rainforest down to make
fields for planting crops and grazing animals
Every year an area of
a rainforest is cut
down and destroyed.
The animals that
used to live in these
forests die or find a
new forest to live in.
(Most of them die)
Red eyed frog
And other
People are finding ways to help the rainforests.
Not cutting to many trees down and helping the animals by finding them a new home.
Many countries are trying to use less fuels
They are taking out the fire places in houses.
Some are planting more trees
They are biking more than taking cars
Big companies are trying to recycle more and help the environment.