Poetry Day 4


College Prep Poetry #7

Dramatic Poetry

“The Seven Ages of a Man” pg. 944


Complete questions # 1-8

I do agree that all the stages listed are what a person goes through, but I do not agree on


how they are described to not be fun.

The first stage is the infant which describes a baby crying and puking. The second stage is the whining schoolboy which represents a little boy not wanting to go to school. The third stage is the lover he is a teen age boy wanting to find love too soon. The fourth stage is the soldier which stands for a boy becoming a man and trying to start a life. The justice stands for a judge which stands for an older man telling everyone how he used to behave when he was a boy. The sixth stage is the pantaloons which is a foolish old man. The last stage is second childishness which stands for the point in life when a man is very old that he can’t even take care of himself and is soon going to pass away.





The soldier and the judge are characterized in a negative way. They are being described as having strange oaths, jealous, quick in quarrel, seeking bubble reputations, eyes severe, and full of wise saws and modern instances.

In the final stage they lack teeth, eye sight, taste, and everything else. They need other people to take care of them like a baby because they can’t do things on their own.

The attitude towards life the speaker seems to be expressing is why even have life if it is just useless having everybody do the same old stuff. The speaker expresses the same way because the speaker describes how everybody just dies in the end. The two poems talk about depressing lives and deaths.

The speaker of “The Seven Ages of Man” represents my opinion because it describes what everybody goes through and how it’s not always as great as people describe life to be.

This poem does change my perspective because I get a view on the way some people 7.


describe life to be.

If I could meet the speaker I would wish to talk about his insights on the last stage during the second childishness.

List at least 3 poetic devices found in the poem (Name the literary device and list the example from the poem.) EX: Simile – “And the river flows like a stream of glass” - Line 4

(from “Sympathy”)




Metaphor-“All the world’s a stage.”- line 1

Simile- “creeping like snail.” – line 8

Alliteration- “For his shrunk shank.”- line 23

Rate the poem on the following scale accompanied by a 1-3 sentence specific explanation for the rating.

Liked it!

Approval Rating Scale:

It was ok . UGH! Did not like it!

I thought this poem was okay because it did describe the seven stages a man goes through in his life, but it only saw the negative things in a person’s life and did not list any of the positive things that come out of each experiences a person goes through.

Label this page: Monologue

Homework Activity

: Write a poem titled “The Seven Stages of ___________” where you choose a type of person (woman, teenagers, a person in love, baseball player, musician, famous person, etc.). Then write the seven stages of their life and the activities associated with each stage. Model it after Shakespeare’s monologue (a poem spoken by one person).