Biology 11 ~ Fungus Unit Review

Biology 11 ~ Fungus Unit Review
(Note – this is just a general guide. Please also refer to your notes and labs from this unit)
What are the key characteristics of this kingdom?
How are they beneficial and/or harmful?
List the four phyla of the Kingdom Fungi.
What is a fairy ring? How is it produced?
Fungi are heterotrophs. Explain two methods by which they obtain food.
Explain how a fungus digests and absorbs its nutrients.
What phylum does Penicillium belong to?
What phylum do mushrooms belong to? What phylum do common molds like the black bread
mold (Rhizopus) belong to?
What are the functions of the following parts: spore, sporangium (sporangia)
What are the three main parts of a basidiomycota (mushroom)? Where are the gills
located? What do they contain?
Define mutualistic relationship. Describe two examples of fungi involved in this type of
From your lab….know each slide diagram, its kingdom, phylum, species name, major structures
and their function. See list of structures on board.
13. Label the following diagrams:
What are the functions of B and C?
KINGDOM PROTISTA - Review Questions
(Please also refer to your notes and labs from this unit when preparing for tests)
1. What are the key characteristics of this kingdom?
2. Compare prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
3. Answer the following questions referring to each of these organisms: Paramecium, Volvox,
Ameoba & Physarum
Which kingdom are they in?
Which group are they in (animal, plant or fungus-like)?
How do they obtain nutrients?
How do they move?
4. Euglena can be considered both plant-like and animal-like. Explain why this is.
5. From your protist disease worksheet: know….the organism, the disease name, the
transmission vector for all 5 diseases (first 3 columns).
6. Identify the organism below:
What process is taking place in each diagram?
Is this sexual or asexual reproduction?
7. What characteristics are used to distinguish plant-like, animal-like and fungus-like protists?
8. What are some advantages and disadvantages of asexual and sexual reproduction?
9. List some of the ways the organisms in this kingdom can be harmful and helpful.
10. Know your drawings from this unit and be able to recognize these organisms from under a
microscope. Should be able to provide the species names and any labelled structures we did
in the lab… See list on board.