Argonaut Social Studies Chapter 8, Section 1 Study Guide The

Argonaut Social Studies
Chapter 8, Section 1 Study Guide
The Legislative Branch: The Members of Congress
Pages 212-217
What is Congress?
Congress is made up of two houses. The ________________ and the _______________.
What is the most important job of Congress??
Responsibilities of Lawmaking~
Local versus National Needs~ What does each member of Congress represent?
Define Constituent~
What do constituents expect from their congressional representatives?
What else are representatives responsible for??
Political Parties~
What is a Political Party~
What are the two primary political parties in the US today??
What do each party expect from their members??
What is a bill??
Interest Groups~
What are Interest Groups~
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How do interest groups help candidates get elected??
What are examples of interest groups??
What are lobbyists~
Factors in
What factors influence a representatives decisions while they carry out their duties??
Decision Making~
Servants of the
How do representatives act as servants of the people??
Members of Congress
What do members of Congress spend a great deal of time doing??
at Work~
Where do members learn alot of their information from??
Representatives and
A state's number of representatives in the House of Representatives
is determined by _________________ while the number of a state's
senators is always ________________ per state.
What does the Constitution require be done every ten years?? Why??
How many total seats are in the House of Representatives??
How many representatives are from the largest state, California??
And a smaller state like Vermont??
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Define Congressional District~
What is similar about all congressional districts??
Who draws the congressional districts??
How long do representatives serve??
How long may they serve??
Who or what do senators represent??
How long are senators elected? How often are senate reelections held??
Why are senators elected for six years instead of the representatives two years??
Reps and Senators must _______________ in the state in which they were elected.
Benefits and
Reps must be ____________ years old, senators must be __________ years old.
Reps must be a citizen for _________ years, senators must be citizens for ________ years.
Members of Congress make about $____________ per year.
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