Classical went from ____1750__ to ____1820____ Differences of


Classical went from ____ 1750 __ to ____ 1820 ____

Differences of Baroque to Classical are?

 Complex to simple

 Dance music to symphonies

 Modes to scales

 Small to large ensembles

 Easy to listen to

 Walking bass line

 Homophony-> one voice supported by chords

What is the set-up of a Sinfonia?

3 movements


What is the set up of a Symphony?

4 Movements

Fast (Sonata), Slow (aria), Dance, Fast (Rondo)

What happened to the orchestras at this time?

Orchestras got bigger

What was the point of Chamber Music?

Music played in a small room, played by common people (middle class)

How does Sonata form work?

Theme 1/Theme 2

Repeat Themes


Recap themes


Information about Haydn?

Life dates


General info about his life


Where did he worked Esterhazy Palace

How many pieces did he write more than 100

Why he was important Musical jokester, and father of the symphony

His relationship to Mozart

Mentor, teacher, friend, competitors

Information about Mozart?

Life dates 1756-1791

General info about his life

Child prodigy

Great musician

Wrote first opera at age 14

Hired at age 17

Wrote 41 symphony

Died poor

Wrote over 800 compositions in 35 years

Why was he important

He perfected music of the time

Information about Beethoven

Life dates 1770-1827

General info about his life

Musical family

Sloppy writer

Went deaf

Wrote 9 symphonies

Dedicated the third to Napoleon

9 th Symphony he was completely deaf

Heard music through vibrations

Influenced by both Haydn and Mozart

Wrote 31 piano compositions

How is his work divided up

Early 1-3

Middle 4-6

Late (Heroic) 7-9

What made him important to music?

Perfected emotional portrayal of music

Bridged the gap from Classical to Romantic Music