Number the Stars Keynote

Number the Stars
Slide 1: Book title, author-You will need to retrieve the scanned cover of Number the Stars and
input it into your slide. (6th grade shared-SmithScan)
Slide 2: Genre, Author’s Purpose, Conflict and Main Idea
Slide 3: The main characters in your book. You should create a bullet for each of the main
characters in your book. You will need to describe both physical and emotional traits of each
Slide 4: Setting-you will need to describe the setting of your book.
Slide 5: Vocabulary-here you will list any words you had difficulty with and their definitions.
Be sure to use context clues to choose the correct definition. (minimum 10 words)
Slide 6: Your illustration of Uncle Henrik’s house by the sea. This needs to be scanned and
input it into the Keynote. You will also need to describe the scene.
Slide 7: Favorite character- for this section you will draw a picture of your favorite character,
scan it and input it into your Keynote. Then describe the character and explain why it’s your
Slide 8: Summary of the complete book. (30 words or less)
Slide 11: Review. Write a review for this book, remember to clearly state your opinion of the
book and then support it with reasons and example from the story.
Slide 12: Your newsletter of your “memorial child”. (Your newsletter will need to be saved to
your desktop as a pdf or jpeg and then drag in)
Slide 13: The poem you wrote, including title, for your “memorial child”
Slide 14: This is probably one of the first times that you were introduced to the Holocaust. How
did you feel about it, what were your thoughts, and is there something we (the world) could have
done to prevent it?
Slide 15: Picture of our class in Denmark (will be found in 6th grade shared-SmithScan). Write
about your experience with our class in Denmark, how did you like the video chat, etc. Include
your pen pal’s name.