guidelines for the 2008 psychology quiz bee

Mechanics of the Competition
25th Annual PAPJA Convention
Colegio de San Juan de Letran, January 13, 2012
All entry forms shall be submitted on or before December 15, 2011 or at least confirmed to the office of the PAP
on or before the said date. Entries beyond the deadline will not be accepted.
A team shall be composed of 3 members with 1 alternate. Kindly assign a faculty member as your official coach
in case of questions or complaints. The team shall be the official representative of the school/university.
On the day of the ISPQC, all participants must confirm their registration with the contest committee at the
registration area at 12:00-12:45pm only. Each participant will be given a code inside a sealed envelope. The
sealed envelope will be presented at the venue for admittance to the first or qualifying round. Failure to present
such sealed envelope and/or opening the sealed envelope will be disqualified. The code will serve as the
participants’ test identification. Confirmation of registration for participation in the Quiz Competition will close
at exactly 12:45pm and late confirmation will not be entertained.
Contest Rules
The contest shall consist of:
First Round/Qualifying Round
The qualifying round (written) will start at exactly 1:00pm. Latecomers will not be admitted, and therefore, will
not be qualified to join the contest. Participants will be allowed to enter the venue for the qualifying round at
Each participant answers a fifty (50) item questionnaire and a corresponding answer sheet is provided to write
their answers.
Fifteen (25) minutes are allotted to answer the questionnaire. The answer sheets will be collected after 25
The scores of the team members will be summed and the possible total score of the team is 150. The top ten
teams that garnered the highest total scores will move to the second and final round.
Second and Final Round
The ten (10) teams shall be asked twenty (20) questions. Each correct answer is given an equivalent of 10
points. Total perfect score is 200 points.
Five (5) points will be deducted from the team for every blank or wrong answer. Surnames/terms that are
misspelled will be considered wrong.
The Quizmaster will read the questions twice only.
Each team will be provided with a blank card to write their answers.
The participants will be given ten (10) seconds to write their answers on the blank card after the Quizmaster
reads the question twice. All answers on the card will be raised and shown to the judges at a given signal.
Failure to comply with the time signal will render the answer invalid.
Should there be a tie, the Quizmaster will give another question to break the tie. The scores of the teams will be
written on a scoreboard facing the contestants.
The team that gets the highest scores will be declared 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Placers accordingly.
Sources of Questions: The question items will be taken from the following:
Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Theories of
Personality, Psychological Testing, Behavioral Statistics, and General Psychology.
All participating teams should be identified by either wearing their official school uniform, official Psych shirts
or school I.D.
Only the official coach of the participating team is authorized to raise questions or complaints on behalf of the
team. Questions should be addressed to the Board of Judges. The complaint should be settled before the
Quizmaster reads the next question. The decision of the panel of judges is considered final.
The board of judges is composed of three (3) psychologists who are members of the Psychological Association
of the Philippines (PAP) and respected in their areas of practice.
Roseann Tan-Mansukhani, PhD
Chair, ISPQC
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