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Instructor: Engr.Muhammad Fahad Khan
[email protected]
Time 1:00 hour
(Total marks=40)
Attempt all Questions
1)what is software Engineering?(1mark)
a)programs that provide functions and performance
b)data structures for information manipulation
c)a discipline that applies scientific and technical methods
d)all of the above
2)Which of the following is an objective of Software Engineering?(1mark)
a)to make maximize money making
b)to improve quality of the software
c)to be competitive in the market
d)non of the above
3)Which of the following is not a Software Characteristic?(1mark)
a)Software doesn’t ware-out
c)Built from integrated components
d)Software is developed or Engineered
4)Which of the following not an umbrella activity?(1mark)
a)Software quality assuarance
c)Risk Management
d)Reusability Management
5)Which of the following is the fundamental concept which provide?(1mark)
Foundation to design correctly?
a)Correct Coding
b)Structural Partitioning
c)Large intellectual distance
d)non of the above
6)Which of the following is not a major task in the Development phase?(1mark)
a)Software design
b)Software project planning
c)Code generation
d)Software testing
Software Engineering Department
University Of Engineering & Technology Taxila Pakistan
Subjective Part
7)What is Software Crisis?(3marks)
8)Draw the diagram of the Systematic Process used in developing a
9)Name 5 qualities that are used to asses a Good software?(5marks)
10)Name 3 things that are focused on during the Definition Phase?(3
11)Name 2 characteristics of the Component assembly model and draw
the diagram of it?(2+4marks)
12)Name 3 design principles?(3 marks)
13)Name 3 obstacles in achieving high quality Architectural
14)Define Project Management?(3marks)
15)Name 2 benefits and 2 problems of Project Management?(2+2marks)
Best Luck
Software Engineering Department
University Of Engineering & Technology Taxila Pakistan