Recruiting Flyer -- Outside

Hey Star Trek
Science Fiction
Are you interested in:
Going to conventions?
Participating in public service
events and fundraising for
Attending social events with other
Star Trek and/or Sci Fi fans?
Doing role playing or other types
of gaming?
Attending “Starfleet Academy”
and learning something new?
Wearing a Star Trek or other sci fi
universe uniform? (Farscape or
B5 perhaps?)
Working security or even putting
together a convention?
How about holding a fictional
rank or position within a local,
regional, or international
Then we may have the organization for
you to join and be involved with!!
There may be
Group out there
For you!!!
STARFLEET, The International Star
Trek Fan Association, Inc. and Region
One of STARFLEET are not in any way
associated with Paramount Pictures or
Viacom. No intent to violate copyright
laws is intended with this flyer.