Wordly Wise Lesson 5 Test

Name #: ___________
Wordly Wise Lesson 6 Test
Part 1: Fill in the blank with the correct letter for the definition of the word:
___ applaud
___ exclaim
___ progress
___ crafty
___ exquisite
___ refine
A. to make pure
C. skilled at tricking others
E. worried or nervous
G. to mock; words said to hurt or insult
I. whole; complete
K. to plan; to have in mind
M. to look closely
O. to speak with strong feelings
___ disclose
___ intend
___ scoundrel
___ drab
___ jeer
___ uneasy
___ entire
___ peer
___ vain
B. show approval by clapping hands
D. a mean or wicked person
F. not cheerful or colorful
H. having too high an opinion of oneself
J. to make known
L. very beautiful
N. an improvement; moving to a goal
Part II: Circle the correct wordly wise word that would fit in the sentences.
A new restaurant was opening in town. It promised to be a beautiful place to dine, with (drab,
exquisite, entire) furniture and decorations. The owners used jewel tones for the walls and
carpeting, no (drab, uneasy, disclose) colors were allowed! Only the most delicious food would be
prepared. In spite of their careful plans, the owners felt a bit (applaud, uneasy, refined) on opening
night wondering if their restaurant would be a success. Regardless of the preparation they could
not control the opinions of the patrons, but they hoped the guests would leave satisfied.
As the first diners arrived, they (jeered, peered, intended) into the windows to see the
beautifully set tables. They walked inside (intending, applauding, refining) to have a wonderful
meal. Soon the entire room was full.
After a terrific experience, many diners (vained, exclaimed, entired) “What a wonderful,
tasteful, (drab, refined, scoundrel) place to eat! I have never attended such an excellent
establishment,” Some even (jeered, disclosed, applauded) the chef as he visited the dining area.
The next day the restaurant critic’s newspaper column (disclosed, intended, progressed) that
the restaurant was the best place in town for a special me. “We can find no fault,” the report said,
“It was a(n) (entirely, progressively, intended), perfect experience.”
Circle any Wordly Wise words you find in the passage from previous Wordly Wise lessons.