New Deal - US History

A Mini-Book on the New Deal
Due: Friday, March 13th
The New Deal: In the 1930s, FDR and Congress created a wide range of federal agencies and programs to
bring the U.S. out of the Depression. The goal was to reduce unemployment and restore prosperity.
You will create a mini book on the major programs of the New Deal.
First, the front page of your book will have a title!
Next, you will devote one page to each of the following programs:
o Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
o Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
o Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
o Federal Writers’ Project (FWP)
o National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act)
o National Recovery Administration (NRA)
o Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
o Social Security Act (SSA)
o Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
o Works Progress Administration (WPA)
Each page will include the following information on each program. Use headings to identify the info.
o Title! Full name of program (including acronym) as a title on the top of the page
o Why was it created? Description of the program’s purpose.
 What is created to provide relief to the poor?
 Stimulate recovery?
 Reform the American economy?
o What did it do? Name and explain two specific accomplishments of this program.
o Who participated in the program? Who benefited from this program? Gender, age, race?
o Catchy Slogan! You need to come up with some way to remember this acronym and this
program. Create a memory device like a cute little trick to help you remember that the REA had
to do with getting electricity to rural areas.
o Draw a picture/symbol that relates to the purpose and goal of the program.
You will not copy and paste large amounts of information word for word from Wikipedia.