A guide to finding information in the W

A guide to finding information in the Roberts-LaForge Library
Guide to Accessing Databases Off-Campus
Use the drop down menu at http://www.deltastate.edu/pages/676.asp to access databases off-campus. With the exception of a
few databases, most can be accessed through the proxy server by using your student or employee identification number and
date of birth. The databases listed below require an alternate login and the instructions are printed on this guide.
CA Chemical Abstracts
CAS Registry
Checkpoint RIA
USA Trade Online
If you have trouble accessing the databases, please check your Internet connection first and report connection problems to your
Internet Service Provider. For problems with the databases themselves, please call the Roberts-LaForge Library Reference
Department at 662-846-4431 during the hours the Library is open.
Login Instructions through the Proxy Server
Go to the Library’s databases page at
Select the database you wish to search from the drop down menu.
(See Figure 1.)
After selecting a database, you will be directed to the Remotely
Accessible Databases Login Page. (See Figure 2.)
Figure 1 – Databases by Subject web page 
4. On the first line, type your student or employee
identification number without any dashes or
spaces. *Example: 900123456
On the second line, type your date of birth
without any dashes or spaces in the form of
MMDDYY. Example: 021487 (The correct way
to enter February 14, 1987.)
5. Click on “Submit Query.”
*If you do not know your 9-digit ID number, see
http://www.deltastate.edu/pages/1589.asp for
 Figure 2 – Remotely Accessible Database Login Page
Alternate Login Instructions
I. & II. CA Chemical Abstracts and CAS Registry - These databases are part of STN Easy, which covers all areas of
chemistry and chemical engineering. The major subdivisions of STN Easy are: applied chemistry and chemical engineering,
biochemistry, macromolecular chemistry, organic chemistry, physical, inorganic, and analytical chemistry. STN Easy provides
citations to articles, patents from 29 national patent offices, EPO, and WIPO conference proceedings, technical reports, books,
dissertations, reviews, and meeting abstracts.
How to Access (Note: Access is limited to off-peak hours: Sunday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and all day Saturday.)
 Go to http://stneasy.cas.org/
 Type SSCQ789 for the login and 933A093 for the password. Then click on “Start Your Session.”
 After reading the Terms and Conditions for Academic Institutions, click on the Accept button located at the bottom of the
 To exit, click on Log Off located on the lower left corner of the screen.
III. Checkpoint RIA - is a full-text database containing Federal tax information, which includes tax court cases,
information from the United States Tax Reporter, IRS material, news, tax planning services, and the latest tax law changes.
How to Access
 Go to http://www.checkpoint.riag.com.
 Type DE16-4 for the user name and distant4 for the password. Then click on the Login button
 To exit, please click on Sign Off (located in the upper right corner in gray).
NetLibrary - is a collection of over 30,000 electronic books, or eBooks in all subject areas. These eBooks may be read
or searched in its entirety online. Moreover, citations and links to these eBooks are included in the library’s online catalog,
How to access
 First, you must create a personal netLibrary account at http://netlibrary.com using any computer on the campus of Delta
State University or the Greenville Higher Education Center. Once you have created a netLibrary username and password,
you can access the eBooks off-campus by following the instructions below. If you have not set up an account in
netLibrary, please contact the reference desk at 662-846-4431 and a reference librarian will create one for you. Please be
prepared to identify yourself as a DSU student, staff, or faculty member by providing your DSU ID number upon request.
Go to http://www.netlibrary.com
Type your username and password.
Click on “Log In.”
STAT-USA - Provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce, this site provides economic, business, and international
trade information produced by the U.S. Government. The State of the Nation database provides current and historical
economic data as well as financial releases. The GLOBUS & NTDB database provides current and historical trade-related
releases, international market research, trade opportunities, and country analyses.
How to access
 Go to http://www.stat-usa.gov
 Click on “Log-In Now” located on the left in red.
 Type f0313a for the username and f0313a for the password.
 To exit, return to http://www.stat-usa.gov and click on “click here to logout now” located at top in blue.
VI. USA Trade Online - Provides online access to most recent statistics on American foreign trade, including imports and
How to access
 Go to http://www.usatradeonline.gov
 Click on “Log-In Now” located on the left in red.
 Type f0313a for the username and f0313a for the password.