1793 Foreign Policy Role Play

What would YOU do?
Introduction: George Washington, The President of the United States, under the new
Constitution must develop a foreign policy that will provide a national security and maintain
stability in this infant nation. It is 1793; France and Britain are at war. Members of his cabinet
are divided on the direction of foreign policy.
Issue#1: Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality. Can trade continue while protecting U.S.
Issue#2: The British and French are seizing American ships. Can a treaty be made to end this
Issue#3: Spain shuts down the trade at New Orleans. Can the U.S. and Spain share water rights
on the Mississippi River?
The foreign policy of the Washington and Adams administrations, the Federalist Era.
1. Research your role in American foreign policy of the Early Republic.
2. Write at least a one page position paper based on your role
3. Be prepared to defend or negotiate your position with other participant, however; your
national interests are paramount.
4. During class, there will be six groups who will be provided the opportunity for their
ambassadors to negotiate treaties that will benefit their country.
5. At the conclusion of the exercise the President(s) of the United States will make a State
of the Union Address in regards to U.S. foreign policy.
6. Each group will submit a resolution paper and all the delegates’ original position papers.
Roles: row
Presidents (Washington and Adams)
February 1, 1793 the French revolutionary government declares war on Great Britain.
Members of the Federalists cabinet are divided on the U.S. foreign policy regarding this war.
-The British are supporting the Miami Indian Confederation in the frontier of the Old
Northwest Territory against American settlers, with British guns.
-British Orders of Council still in effect.
-The British Navy is attacking, confiscating, and impressing U.S. ships and sailors in the
West Indies
-The U.S. needs British trade and investors to benefit from the Hamilton Plan.
-French ships are planning to attack American merchant ships, especially if a treaty is
made with Britain.
-Franco-American Alliance of 1778 is still in effect.
-Britain invades the French colony of Haiti.
-The French King and Queen are executed.
-March 7, 1793 France declares war on Spain.
-Spain has border issues on the Mississippi and control of the port of New Orleans.
-Spain stirs up Indian rebellion against Americans
-April 22, 1793 Washington’s issues a Proclamation of Neutrality.