San Francisco State University Department of Mathematics Course Syllabus
Math 109 Precalculus – Spring 2013
Instructor: Andrew Dynneson
Class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:10 to 1:00 & Thursday 1:10 to 1:50
@Hensil Hall 108
Satisfactory Completion of ELM requirement; or, equivalently, satisfactory completion of MATH
Bulletin Description.
Functions, graphing techniques, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometry. This
course is equivalent to a standard precalculus course.
Course Objectives.
This course assumes that students are familiar with intermediate algebra and have at least a
rudimentary knowledge of basic trigonometry. The principle objective of Precalculus is for
students to be prepared to take calculus. Students will learn more advanced algebraic
techniques, the concept of functions, and techniques for graphing. Students will also learn the
properties of exponential and logarithmic functions including their graphs and their applications
to scientific problems. Finally students will learn how to solve a variety of problems involving
the properties, graphs and identities of trigonometric functions. An important focus of the
course is for students to engage in realistic problem-solving as opposed to rote memorization.
30% Homework/Quizzes/Classwork. Much of the homework will be submitted online
through WileyPlus. Attendance will not usually be taken, however quizzes will be given
unannounced, so make sure you do not miss class!
30% Midterm Examination(s) [One or two of these, which are scheduled at least 1.5
weeks in advance].
40% Final Examination. The final exam will include problems from all of the measurable
student learning outcomes (MSLO’s):
o [functions: graphs transformations]
ability to understand functions, their graphs and transformations.
o [functions: composition]
ability to understand composition of functions.
o [inverse functions]
ability to solve problems involving inverse functions.
o [lines linear functions]
ability to understand lines and linear functions.
o [exponential logarithmic functions]
study exponential and logarithmic functions.
o [e natural logarithms]
ability to understand the base e and the natural logarithm.
o [trigonometric functions]
study the trigonometric functions: sine, cosine, tangent.
o [inverse trigonometric functions]
ability to understand inverse trigonometric functions.
o [trigonometric identities]
ability to understand laws of sines and laws of cosines.
The Final Exam is scheduled for Wednesday May 22 at 10:45 to 1:15 in our usual meeting
I may choose to offer extra-credit assignments; however these are not guaranteed, and
are usually more difficult than the assignments.
Course Outline.
Review of intermediate algebra;
Graphing of Linear and Quadratic Equations;
Exponential and logarithmic functions;
Trigonometric functions.
Textbook and Software.
Prelude to Calculus by Sheldon Axler, Wiley & Sons.
Homework will be submitted online through
You may purchase just the homework code, or you may choose to purchase a new textbook
from the sfsu bookstore which includes a registration code. Weigh the prices, and choose which
is best for you.
Contact me/Office Appointments.
I hold regular office hours which are available by appointment. To schedule an office hour,
please contact me:
Andrew Dynneson
[email protected]
phone: 831.apachi.1
Office Location: Science 264
Feel free to contact me about any issues or questions you have; please do not contact regarding
information which is readily available on this syllabus.
There are also free tutoring services available on campus. Contact CARP or LAC (try both, decide
which you like best).