Principles of Geometry

Honors Precalculus
Mrs. Zawadzki
Room 364
Text: “Precalculus, A Graphing Approach” by Holt Publishing
A. Students will expand their knowledge of functions and the relationships of
functions through identification of domain, range, zeros, inverses, symmetry,
graphs, and algebraic rules of functions.
B. Students will perform arithmetic operations of complex numbers, as well as
graphically represent, then model and create new functions in other systems
using complex numbers.
C. Students will be able to recognize, graph and apply polynomial equations by
using the Remainder and Factor Theorems, Descartes Rule of Signs and the
Rational Root Theorem and then create new functions.
D. Students will understand trigonometric relationships and functions by using
inverse trigonometric functions, trigonometric ratios, graphical representations
and identities then apply to real world events.
E. Students will study and use the laws of exponents and logarithms and apply to
solving logarithmic functions in real-life situations.
F. Students will represent and model vector quantities, perform operations on
vectors, as well as perform operations on matrices and matrix applications.
G. Students will translate between the geometric description and the equation of
the conic section. Students will then apply conic section equations to real
world applications.
H. Students will begin to use a study of limits and their applications to Calculus.
I. Students use computer applications and technology, TI-83/TI-84 plus
calculator, to graph all of the above objectives. Students will be able to
identify, construct and decode graphs.
Classroom Expectations:
#1. Students are expected to come to class on time, prepared and ready to work.
#2. Students are expected to follow directions the first time they are given. If they do not
understand, they are to raise their hand to be recognized. THERE SHALL NOT BE
#3. Students are to respect each other and their property. There shall not be any
derogatory comments made towards another.
#4. Students are expected to be responsible for their work – making sure all assignments
are turned in on time and in the proper location.
#5. Students are not permitted to eat or drink in the classroom.
Failure to follow any of the above classroom expectations will lead to detentions.
Repeated violations will lead to conference with parents, and removal to the principal.
Honors Precalculus Needs:
 Graphing Calculator – TI-83/TI-84 plus
 Pencils
 Three-Ring Binder with pockets
 Notebook
 Graph Paper
 Box of Kleenex
Assignments/Homework Policy:
Students are expected to complete homework to be turned in the next day of class
at the beginning of the period. (unless otherwise specified) The homework must be
headed with name, date, section of the homework, and the problems assigned. The
homework must be done NEATLY and in PENCIL. Late work will be accepted
only one day late, and the student will receive partial credit at that time. Any
assignments turned in later than one day late will not receive any credit!!
***Students need to be prepared to present the problems on the board the next
***Copying of homework will result in an automatic 0.***
Make-up work for absent students will follow the same guidelines as outlined in
the student handbook. Long-term absences will be handled on an individual basis, and
discussed with me to establish an acceptable timetable. **If absent the day of a test,
you are expected to make it up the day you return, unless it is a long-term
Students will be evaluated this semester through various forms of assessment:
Homework Assignments
(15% of grade)
(35% of grade)
(45% of grade)
(5% of grade)
I have a webpage that is available to all students through the
website. This webpage will have links to chapter notes, and any worksheets done in
Weekly Quiz;
Student will be taking a short-sided assessment consisting of 3-4 questions from
the weeks worth of lessons. They will be given the first 15 minutes of class every Friday.
Weekly progress will be available to students and parents on Progress Book.
Extra Credit:
All students will be given the opportunity to earn extra credit points throughout
the semester. However, the extra credit offered will not exceed one full letter grade of
the student’s grade for the quarter.
Grading Scale (also in Student Handbook)
64- 0%
Midterm/Final Exam:
In addition to test throughout each quarter, students will take a midterm and final
exam for this course. The Midterm will be held in the middle of January, and will cover
material covered through the first semester of the course. The final exam will be held the
first week of June and will cover material from the 2nd semester.
Honors Precalculus Syllabus (Tentative)
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
Week 17
Week 18
Chapter 1 Number Patterns
Chapter 1 Number Patterns
Chapter 2 Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 2 Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 3 Functions and Graphs
Chapter 3 Functions and Graphs
Chapter 3 Functions and Graphs
Chapter 4 Polynomial and Rational Functions
Chapter 4 Polynomial and Rational Functions
Chapter 5 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 5 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 5/6 Exponential/Logarithmic Trigonometry
Chapter 6 Trigonometry
Chapter 7 Trigonometric Graphs
Chapter 7 Trigonometric Graphs
Chapter 8 Solving Trigonometric Equations
Chapter 8 Solving Trigonometric Equations/Review
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