BA406 International Marketing Term Project

BA406 International Marketing Term Project: Entering an International Market Niche
Project Objectives:
The main aim of this project is to develop analytical and problem-solving skills of graduate level students
needed in marketing strategy design and application when entering an international market niche.
Project Description:
In this project, students are required to work individually on an assigned country/product chosen from a
number of alternatives. These alternatives are provided in the sheet attached to this project paper.
Once assigned, you are required to analyze this market in cultural, economic and demographic terms and
IDENTIFY A MARKET NICHE that may be suitable for exporting the specified product. Please keep in mind
that the term product is used both for goods and services. This first analysis is done in macro level.
Following your decision on product type, you should analyze the country and the niche you have
identified in detail, and now in micro terms, as described in International Marketing Handbook provided
at the beginning of the semester, ask necessary questions and develop an appropriate marketing
Last phase of the project is writing a report including all elements of a professional marketing plan (as
included in handbook). The report should fully analyze the market and the niche (A detailed SWOT) and
specify possible strategies regarding 4Ps for marketing and budget/resource considerations, and also
indicate pros and cons of these strategies. The marketing strategy SHOULD FOCUS on developing a new
product or adopting an existing product that will satisfy this niche. The report should be typed and
orderly, including necessary tables and graphics, and totally professional.
As stated in the course outline, on announced weeks, discussion sessions will be held regarding your
progress in the project and you are expected to come fully prepared for these discussions. These
sessions are designed to speed up your studies, provide an opportunity to compare and evaluate your
efforts, recognize missing parts if there are any and revise your work.
On dates specified, each student will present his/her work in class. For this presentation you are
expected to prepare slideshows. For presentation session, necessary equipment will be provided.
This project is an integral part of the course and 35% of the final grade will be based on this project.
Your report and presentation will count for 65% out of the total project grade, where your attendance
in project discussion sessions counts for 35%.
Country/Product selected:
Country/Product Alternatives
China / Olive Oil
Argentina / Baseball
Russia / Backgammon
Thailand / Pickle & Turnip Juice
South Africa / Rakı
Great Britain / Sunflower Seeds
Saudi Arabia / Barbie Dolls
Finland / Figs
BA406 Sector Analysis Project:
Project Objectives:
The main aim of this project is to develop an insight into the exporter sectors of Turkey.
Project Description:
In this project, students are required to make a research individually on an assigned sector. These
sectors are selected from the database of Turkish Exporters Association and will be given at the
beginning of the semester.
(1) Forestry and Wooden Products, (2) Livestock and Aqua Products, (3) Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals,
(4) Leather and Leather Products, (5) Cereals Legumes Oil Seeds, (6) Apparel, (7) Dried Fruits, (8)
Minerals, (9) Textiles and Raw Materials, (10) Tobacco, (11) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, (12) Olive and
Olive Oil, (13) Carpets, (14) Chemicals and Chemistry Products, (15) Automobiles and Automotive Parts,
(16) Durable Goods