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Social Science Support Program
General Description
Goal of the Program
The Social Science Support Program (SSSP) of the Open Society –
Georgia Foundation (OSGF) is committed to supporting the development of
a new generation of professionals in the field of social sciences in Georgia.
The strategic focuses of the program are:
 to boost the development of social sciences through development of
a wide range of areas relevant to improving the overall quality of
to advocate for reform in all spheres within the Higher Education
Priority disciplines:
Sociology, Political Science and International Relations.
Target Institutions:
Departments of political sciences, international relations, and sociology of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU);
I. Chavchavadze State University of Language and Culture; Faculty
of Philosophy and Social Sciences/International Relations.
Resource Institutions:
 Central European University (CEU);
 Moscow School of Social Sciences and Economics (MSSES);
Partner Institutions
In 2002 SSSP proceeded with partnership contacts with the
universities of Liverpool, UK; Bochum, Bayreuth, (Germany); and Moscow
State University (Russia).
In 2002 agreements on cooperation of foreign experts with SSSP were
signed. These agreements entailed supporting SSSP activities through
establishing contacts and assisting in exchange programs, as well as funding
and purchasing material for SSSP’s resource center.
Prof. Gabriele Cappai (University of Bayreuth) - expert in the field
of sociology;
Prof. Boris Kapustin (Moscow School of Social Sciences and Economics) – expert in the field of political sciences;
Main Trends of the Program:
Creation, application, and development of new master’s
programs/courses in the target disciplines;
Implementation of new teaching methodologies;
Creation, application, and institutionalization of a new master’s
module, "Society and Politics," at Tbilisi State University (on the
base of programs/courses supported through SSSP in the target
Translation activities: translation of classics and contemporary
literature in social sciences;
Development and operation of the Resource Center for Social
Advocating higher education reforms:
- supporting activities in the draft law in the field of higher
- involving academia as well as wide society in the process
of higher education modernization;
International conferences.
Programs and Projects Implemented:
Boosting the Development of Social Sciences
New Master’s Course Development
In September and October, 2002, SSSP carried out its fifth thematic
competition on developing new courses (CDC5). The objective of the
competition was to support the development of new Master’s courses in the
fields of political sciences and international relations. SSSP funded the
development of the following course:
 “Gender - Political and Social Studies" - Prof. Tamar Kiknadze,
TSU Department of Political Sciences; Natela Donadze, TSU
Department of Sociology;
Training of Course Development Competition
(CDC) Grantees
During the year 2002, with financial and organizational assistance of
SSSP, grantees of the fourth course development competition (CDC4) went
through training programs in SSSP’s partner institutions:
 Marine Burdzenidze – M. Lomonosov Moscow State University
(Russia). Mentor – Associate Prof. Alexander Gasparashvili;
 Associate Prof. Mamuka Beriashvili - Ruhr University of Bochum
(Germany). Mentor – Dr. Udo Reinhold Jeck;
 Associate Prof. Zurab Davitashvili – Central European University,
Budapest (Hungary). Mentor – Prof. Petr Lom;
 Prof. Malkhaz Matsaberidze - Moscow School of Social Sciences
and Economics (Russia). Mentor – Associate Prof. Andrei
Stipends for Authors of New Master’s Courses
SSSP awarded monthly stipends to CDC4 and CDC5 grantees
during implementation of their projects.
Supplementary Textbook Publishing
In 2002 under the auspices of the Social Science Support Program,
based on tender, new master’s courses were published (500 copies). These
courses were granted the status of supplementary textbooks by TSU’s
methodological council.
"Sociology of Institutional Changes" - Gigi Tevzadze
"Socioliguistics" - Nodar Ladaria
“Economy and Society" - Lia Mezvrishvili
"Theory of Political Authority" - Michael Gogatishvili
"Globalization and Nationalism" - Zurab Davitashvili
"Political Marketing" - Malkhaz Matsaberidze
"Election and Society" - Malkhaz Matsaberidze
Textbooks were donated to departments and libraries of SSSP
target institutions, the SSSP Resource Center, libraries of other educational
and research institutions of Georgia, and authors.
Translation and Preparation for Publishing
of Scientific Literature
Completed projects
In July - September 2002 the following translation projects funded
by SSSP were completed:
 “Ergenzungen
und Bemerkungen zur Theorie des
Kommunikativen Handelns” – Jurgen Habermas (Translator –
George Baramidze, Scientific editor - Prof. Guram Tevzadze);
 “Weltpolitik im Umbruch: Das Internazionale System nach
dem Ende des Ost-West Conflict” – Ernst-Otto Czempiel
(Translator – Nino Kighuradze; Scientific editor - Prof. Zurab
 “Erkenntnis und Interesse”- Jurgen Habermas (Translator – Devi
Dumbadze; Scientific editor - Prof. Guram Tevzadze);
 “The Anarchical Society: A Study of Order in World Politics” –
Hedley Bull (Translator – George Khelashvili; Scientific editor Prof. Alexander Rondeli).
 “Post-modernist State” – Jan-Fransua Liotard (Translator –
George Baramidze; Scientific editor – Tamar Berekashvili)
Current Projects:
By the decision of the SSSP sub-board the following translation
projects are being implemented:
 "Selected Works on Sociology of Religion" - Max Webber
(Translators: Nino Pirckhalava, Emzar Jgerenaia; Scientific editor Prof. Zurab Kiknadze)
 "Peace and War Among Nations" - Rimon Aron (Translator:
George Sanikidze);
 "Human, State and War" - Kennet Walts (Translators: Tornike
Turmanidze, Irakli Urushadze; Scientific editor - Nino Kiguradze).
Resource Center for Social Sciences
The Resource Center (RC) for Social Sciences has been functioning
for the entire past year on the premises of the Open Society – Georgia
The Resource Center is equipped with computers connected to the
Internet. It has a library with a wide range of social science material in
Georgian, English, French, and German languages. Access to the RC is free
to professionals and students involved in social science fields.
Seminars by Foreign Professors
in the SSSP Resource Center
Throughout the year 2002 seminars and lectures for local professors
and teachers, as well as students, were held in the Resource Center.
Professors from SSSP’s partner and resource universities delivered the
seminars and lectures:
 Prof. Volfgang Beilenhoff, (Head of the Media Studies
Department, Ruhr - University of Bochum; Germany) – Seminar:
“Facial Society”;
 Prof. Arnold Zingerle (Ph.D. in Sociology, Head of Department of
General Sociology, University of Bayreuth; Germany) – Seminars:
“Curriculum design in Sociology”; Teaching methodology;
Doctor Gabriele Cappai (Department of General Sociology,
University of Bayreuth; Germany) – Seminar: “Qualitative
Research Methods.”
Model Lectures
March 2002 - Prof. Volfgang Beilenhoff’s lectures on “Media Studies”
April 2002 - Prof. Arnold Zingerle’s lectures:
 "Communal and Social Dimensions of Social life"
 "Information Age”
July 2002 – Doctor Gabriele Cappai’s lecture: “Inter-cultural
Comparison: Difficulties and Strategies of Inter-cultural Comparison”
Intensive Courses
In 2002, with organizational and financial support of SSSP, the experts
from SSSP’s resource universities conducted intensive courses/master
classes and model lectures for the faculties of Sociology and Political
Sciences Department, post graduate and MA students:
 Prof. Boris Kapustin (Vice-rector of Moscow School of Social
and Economic Sciences, Russia)
February 23 – 28 – “Liberalism as an Ideology”; Tbilisi;
June 29 – July 2 – “Political Theory” for faculties of new
interdisciplinary MA module at TSU; Bakuiani.
 Prof. Gerard Delanty (Department of Sociology; University of
Liverpool; Great Britain)
May 2- 5 - "Contemporary Social and Political Theory”;
Resource Center, Tbilisi.
Presentations of New Lecture Courses
in Regional Universities
In 2002 SSSP implemented an in-house project aimed to introduce
the new MA courses developed through SSSP, and present the Georgian
Parliamentary decree, “Main Trends of Higher Education Development in
Georgia,” at regional universities:
Gori State University - March 28 – 29
Akhaltsikhe branch of Tbilisi State University – April 28 – 29
I. Gogebshvili Telavi State University – May 28
Ak. Tsereteli Kutaisi State University – September 22 – 23
Shota-Rustaveli Batumi State University – September 20 – 21
Lectures by Local Professors and Teachers
Throughout 2002, once a week on Thursdays, a series of public
lectures for social science students were held by local professors and
teachers at the Social Sciences Resource Center (41 lectures in total).
English Language Teaching Program
On the basis of the SSSP Resource Center a new English language
teaching program, “English for Special Purposes and Academic Writing” (ESP), was implemented in 2002. The program had been developed in close
cooperation with the Academic Linguistics Center of Moscow School of
Social Sciences and Economics (MSSES) and the Foreign Language
Teaching Center of Central European University – Budapest (CEU).
ESP classes started in January 2002 with three groups at different
language levels, and consisted of teachers, postgraduate students, and MA
students involved in teaching and learning social sciences (SSSP priority
fields are only sociology, political sciences, and international relations).
The first stage of the program was completed after testing, and students
continued studying ESP in higher-level groups.
Georgian Social Sciences Network Fellowship Program
In 2002 under the auspices of the SSSP and based on the
competition, “Writing Fellowship Program of Georgian Networks of Social
Sciences,” projects of development of new MA and BA textbooks were
supported. The competition was held among former CDC grantees only and
was purposed to create new MA and BA textbooks on the base of already
developed MA courses supported through SSSP CDC during 2000 - 2002.
The following projects were funded:
 “Reader in Contemporary Social Theories”
To be implemented by working group.
Author of the project: Iago Kachkachishvili;
Director of the project: Lia Mezvrishvili.
 “Contemporary Political Science” (Reader)
To be implemented by working group.
Author of the project: Mamuka Bichashvili;
Director of the project: Gia Jorjoliani.
 “Political Conflicts Analysis and Alternative Ways of Decision
Author and director of the project: Revaz Jorbenadze.
 “Political Technologies” and “Election Campaigns”
Author and director of the project: Malkhaz Matsaberidze.
International Conferences
In 2002 SSSP supported two international conferences:
 “Private Higher Education – Policy Forum,” implemented by
SSSP Higher Education Policy Task Force in cooperation with and
co-funding of International Institute for Education (UNESCO/
 “Critical Sociology: Critical Views on Society and Sociology,”
implemented by working group. Author and director of the project:
Tamar Zurabishvili (CEP lecturer). The project was co-funded by
the Civic Education Project. As a result, the Social Sciences
Academic Network was founded.
Travel Grants for Social Sciences professionals
In 2002 SSSP allotted two travel grants:
 Mamuka Dolidze, Professor, member of Georgian Academy of
Philosophic Sciences – Travel grant for participation in the 52th
International Phenomenological Congress in Rome.
 Iago Kachkachishvili, Doctor of Sociology – Travel grant for
participation in international conference, “Challenges of
Higher Education,” in Prague.
Supporting Higher Education Institutions
SSSP funded several projects for technical support of higher
education institutions involved in teaching the social sciences.
 Publishing of journals, “Phylosophic Thoughts” and “Language
and Culture.” Grantee: I. Chavchavadze Tbilisi State University of
Languages and Culture, Western Thought Research Institute;
 Expenses to transport academic literature donated by
Nottingham University (UK) to the library of G. Robakidze
University. Grantee: G. Robakidze University “Alma Mater”.
Other Projects Supporting Teaching of Social Sciences
In 2002 SSSP funded projects promoting the social sciences
teaching process in Georgia:
 Translating and publishing, “A Basic Course in Psychology”
(co-funding from Tbilisi State University)
To be implemented by working group. Author of project: Dali
Parjanadze, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Tbilisi State
University; Project director: Mariam Mirianashvili, Head of
Department of Pedagogical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology,
 “Social Sciences Terminology Dictionary”
SSSP in-house project in cooperation with special working group;
 “Caucasus Abstract Journal in Social Science”
Author and director of project: Varlam Kikilashvili
Programs and Projects Implemented:
Supporting Higher Education Reform
Higher Education Institution
Faculty and Administration Training
In 2002, with organizational and financial support of SSSP, several
projects aimed at training of higher education institution faculty and
administration were implemented:
 March 7–10 – SSSP in-house project: Seminar on “Curriculum
Development” was conducted in cooperation with CEU Special
and Extension programs department; Key Speaker: Matias Szabo,
CEU Resource Center Director;
 June 29 – July 2 – SSSP in-house project: Seminar on
“Curriculum Design for New Interdisciplinary MA Module”
Key speaker: Prof. Boris Kapustin (Moscow School of Social and
Economic Sciences), Bakuriani;
 March – April - "Workshop on Research Methods and
Methodology of Political Sciences and International Relations"
Workshop leader: George Khelashvili, teacher of International
Relations Department, Tbilisi State University; Civic Education
Project (CEP) lecturer;
Supporting Higher Education System
Reform in Georgia
In 2002, in the framework of SSSP, the Higher Education Policy
Task Force implemented projects aimed at supporting higher education
system reform in Georgia:
 February 2002- The brochure, “Higher Education Systems’
Review (USA, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan),” was
 March 1, 2002 - The Parliament of Georgia discussed and
approved at a second hearing the higher education
conceptual document – “Main Trends of Higher
Education Development in Georgia.”
 April 25 – 26, 2002, International Conference, “Private
Higher Education - Policy Forum,” was held in cooperation
with and co-funding of International Institute for Education
 June - December 2002, Development of the course, “Higher
Education Institutional Management,” for administration
representatives of higher education institutions;
 May – December 2002, Education Dictionary Development
 September – December 2002, Higher Education Law Project
 November 22 – 24, Seminar aimed at presenting Higher Education
Draft Law to representatives of mass media was held in Bakuriani;
 December 6 – 9 - Seminar aimed at presenting Higher Education
Draft Law to representatives of Georgian Parliament was held in
 September–December 2002, Creation of data base for Georgians
graduated from western universities in the fields of education
and social sciences.
SSSP sub-board members:
Irakli Machabeli – Chair
Mamuka Bichashvili
Gia Jorjoliani
Nino Dzotsenidze
Ramaz Sakvarelidze (July - December)
David Darchiashvili (July – September)
Alexandre Rondeli (March – June)
Natela Donadze (December)
SSSP Staff:
Marine Chitashvili – director
Irakli Tsertsvadze – coordinator
Manana Mikaberidze – coordinator
Manana Roinishvili – manager of Resource Center
SSSP Higher Education Policy Task Force:
George Sharvashidze – head of task force
Lika Glonti – member of task force
Salome Shelia – member of task force
Shorena Ebralidze – member of task force.