Tech Theatre Test.Lesson 6

Technical Theatre Design Test
Read the instructions for each section! Good luck!
Below is an overhead view of the stage.
below. 1 pt. each
 Teaser
 Proscenium Arch
 Pit
 Stage Left Leg
Label each numbered item in the stage diagram from the list
2nd electric
Answer the following short answer questions.
1. What is the purpose of a gobo?
2. What is the purpose of masking in set design?
Stage Right Wing
Plaster Line
3. What is a rendering in costume design?
4. Name two sources for sound designers for sound effects?
5. What are props?
6. Name three clues in the script that a costume designer looks for when designing costumes.
7. Describe the difference between the fill and key lights.
8. What are two of the types of sound used in a production?
9. What is the difference between a flat and a platform?
10. What is a gel?
Match the title with their job description. 1 pt. each
11. ____ producer
12. ____ stage manager
13. ____ set crew
14. ____ lighting crew (electricians)
15. ____ technical director
a. In charge of everything on stage, calls the technical cues
during the show.
b. In charge of all technical elements of the show.
c. In charge of everything, but mostly making sure there is
money to put on the show.
d. Hangs, focuses, and prepares the lights for the show
e. Builds sets to designers specifications.
Essay questions.
On the back or a separate piece of paper, answer the following in complete sentences (a short essay).
5 pts. each
16. Choose one of the elements of technical theatre (lighting, sound, costumes, or sets) and describe
the process you would go through to create a design for that element.
17. Choose a different element of technical theatre (lighting, sound, costumes, or sets) and describe
how that element can be used to communicate information about the play and emotions/mood.
18. Which element of technical theatre interests you the most and why? Give two specific examples
of why you’re interested in it.
EXTRA CREDIT: Who was the first lighting designer, the man who invented the Key/Fill system?