Schedule of Homework Assignments* for Chapter 9: Circles
Class #
In Class
Section 9-1 Chords and Arcs
Section 9-2 Tangents to Circles
HW 70: pg. 570, #11-27 all, 31, 32, 34, 36, 39, 40, 47
(R&S 9-2)
HW 71: pg. 577, #6-14 all, 29, (R&S 9-3)
Section 9-3 Inscribed Angles and Arcs
HW 72: pg. 585, #11-32 all (R&S 9-4)
Section 9-4 Angles Formed by Secants and
HW 73: pg. 593, 10-25 all, 58, 59 (R&S 9-5)
Section 9-5 Segments of Tangents, Secants, and
HW 74: pg. 606, 11-26 all (R&S 9-6)
Section 9-6 Circles in the Coordinate Plane
HW 75: pg. 614 Graph #12-16 on grid paper, #17-35 odd
Chapter 9 Review
HW 76: pg. 625, #1-26 all
Date Assigned
*Homework assignments are subject to change at teacher’s discretion.
The purpose of assigned work is to enable the student to practice procedures taught in class. Each student is responsible for
completing the required work thoroughly and accurately and submitting it the next class period when collected or checked.
Students are responsible for raising questions and making corrections on the homework. When absent, it is the responsibility of
the student to obtain a list of assignments, complete and submit them.
Each assignment is worth 3 points. Points will be deducted if work is not shown and if ALL problems are not meaningfully
attempted. If an assignment is missed, I will accept it up to ONE DAY late for half credit-- except in situations of absences.
3 points (full value for complete, on time assignment fulfilling all requirements)
2 points (1 or 2 problems not meaningfully attempted, did not follow proper guidelines for completing homework)
1 points (did not follow proper guidelines for completing homework, several problems not attempted)
0 points (not submitted according to the established criteria)