labor law major acts

Labor Law Major Acts
Sherman Act -Clayton Act – 1914
o Antitrust laws (esp Sherman Act) don’t apply to labor unions
Railway Labor Act – 1926
o Collective action w/o interference, influence, or coercion exercised by
either party over the self organization or designation of representatives by
the other is how representatives should be selected
Norris-LaGuardia Act – 1932
o Yellow dog contracts are illegal
o Federal Courts can’t issue injunctions in labor disputes
National Industrial Recovery Act – 1933
o Rendered unconstitutional
National Labor Relations Act – 1933 (aka Wagner Act)
o Policy of US to encourage collective bargaining
o Established the NLRB
o Gave employees the right of self-organization & collective bargaining
o Prohibited certain unfair labor practices by employers
o Excludes from coverage: government employees, agricultural employees,
supervisory employees, railway & airline employees
Fair Labor Standards Act – 1937
o Set minimum wage rates, required higher pay for overtime, prohibited the
use of child labor in ISC
Labor Management Relations Act – 1947 (aka Taft-Hartley Act)
o Amended the Wagner Act
o Policy of US was to be neutral in labor relations
o Employees have the right either to join or to refrain from joining a labor
o Added prohibited certain unfair labor practices by unions
Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act – 1959 (aka LandrumGriffin Act)
o Provided a bill of rights for union members – requiring periodic financial
reporting from unions, regulated union elections & funds, prohibits
Commies & ex-cons from holding union office