EM 417- Experimental Mechanics---

EM 517- Experimental Mechanics----Spring 2005
Ashraf F. Bastawros ([email protected]) 2347 Howe Hall
Lecture and Labs will be held in 0620 Howe Hall.
http://www.public.iastate.edu/~bastaw/ follow the link teaching
http://www.public.iastate.edu/~micromech/ for general resources
Course Objective:
The objective of this course is to introduce students to different aspects of measuring
deformation, strains, and stresses for developing a mechanistic understanding of both the
material and the structure behavior. You will be introduced to:
1. Experimental concepts in solid mechanics.
2. Various methods for measuring applied forces and displacements.
3. Point wise displacement measurements (e.g., strain gage).
4. Transducer applications (e.g. LVDT, Strain gages, capacitive gages, Piezoelectric
5. Application of wave optics to materials research.
6. Full field displacement measurements (e.g. photo elasticity, grid and moiré, digital
image correlation).
Course Policies:
1. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis and will be due in class on the
specified date (as announced in class). Late homework will not be accepted
without prior approval or valid excuse. Consultation with other students to clear
up confusion points is encouraged. However, all submitted homework must be
your own work.
2. Laboratory sessions will be held either weekly or biweekly in Howe Hall, Rm
0620. Some laboratory experiments will require written work to be submitted by a
specified date for grading.
Labs/HW ………………….40%
Mid Term …………………20%
Final Exam …….…………………20%
Project/Presentation …………..….20%
- Letter grades will be given only for the final course grade and will be no lower than the
following grade scale:
A (93%), A (88%), B (85%), B ( 82%), B (78%), C (75%),C (70%), ------Text Book:
1. Student manual for Strain Gage Technology from Measurements Group.
2. Gary Cloud, 1995 "Optical Methods of Engineering Analysis," Cambridge
University Press, NY.
3. Albert S. Kobayashi, 1993 "Handbook on Experimental Mechanics," VCH
Publishers; Bethel, CT: Society for Experimental Mechanics, NY.
4. James W. Dally and William F. Riley, 1991 "Experimental Stress Analysis,"
McGraw-Hill, NY
Tentative Course Outline:
1. Scope of Experimental Analysis
2. Integrated experimental and numerical analysis concepts
3. Review of mechanics of materials
4. One-dimensional experiments in Mech. of Mat.
- Force measurements
- Displacement Measurement
5. Point wise strain measurements
- Gauge length
- Strain Gauges: Selection, Circuits
- Transducer applications
6. Application of wave optics for full field displacement and strain measurements.
- Grid methods
- Digital image correlation
- Moiré methods
- Brittle coatings
- Photo elasticity
7. Related topics:
- Optical fibers (sensors and applications)
- Ultrasound
- Application to fluid flow (Particle Velocity Interferometer)
8. Uncertainty Analysis