Review Sheet: Legislative and Executive Branch Test:

Review Sheet: Legislative and Executive Branch Test:
Be able to answer the following questions: Complete the review and use it as a study guide for the upcoming test
CHAPTER 8: Legislative Branch
Define the Following terms:
Pocket Veto-
1) What determines the size of the House of Representatives?
A) How many seats are currently in the House of Representatives? ________
2) How long is the term for members of the House _____________
3) How long is the term for the Senate ________________
4) Qualifications to be a Representative are:
5) Qualifications for Senators:
6) What is the responsibility of Congress?
7) Who is second in line if the president were to die? __________________________
8) Who is the leader of the House and what are his/her responsibilities?
9) Who is the President of the Senate? Who serves in his place?
10) What is a floor leader?
11) What are Whips responsible for?
12) Describe the path a bill takes before becoming a law. Be sure to include all the steps in the process **
Include the four options a president can take
CHAPTER 9- Executive Branch
Define the following:
 Executive Branch-
1) What are the formal qualifications for Presidency?
2) How long is a Presidential term?
3) List the roles of Presidents. Be sure to know what each role is responsible for
4) How is the number of electoral votes calculated for each state?
5) Common reasons for poor voter turnout
6) Name the three parts of the executive branch?
7) What is the role of the Executive Departments?
8) What is the Independent Agencies made up of? (3 things)
9) What is the Civil Service System? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system?