3460:210 Data Structures and Algorithms I

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Data Structures and Algorithms I
Fall, Spring, sometimes Summer
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August 28, 2006
Zhong-Hui Duan
or equivalent
Completion of 3450:208 and 3460:209 with a grade of C- or better
Text: Big Java, 2nd ed. Cay Horstmann, Wiley 2006, ISBN: 978-0-471-69703-9
Bulletin Description: Interfaces, inheritance and polymorphism, graphic user interfaces,
event and exception handing, files and streams, elementary data structures and associated
algorithms. Topics include lists, stacks, queues, and sorting methods.
Detailed Description: A continuation of the study of programming theory and practice
studied in Introduction to Computer Science. Some elementary data structures, their
implementation and basic searching and sorting algorithms are introduced. There is also
a laboratory component to this course.
Course Goals: To reinforce problem solving and programming skills through
programming in Java and to introduce basic data structures and algorithms that are
needed for more advanced courses.
 Interfaces and Polymorphism
 Event Handling
 Inheritance
 Graphical User Interfaces
 Exception Handling
 Streams
 Recursion
 Searching and Sorting
 Linked Lists, Stacks and Queues
Computer Usage: Students use a Java IDE to develop programs and work through lab
exercises and programming assignments.
 http://www.horstmann.com/bigjava.html
 Java How to Program, 7th ed., Harvey & Paul Deitel & Associates, Prentice Hall,
2007, I ISBN-13: 978-0-132-22220-4, http://www.prenhall.com/deitel/