Summary - Javan Joel

Javan Joel
Woodside, N.Y.
Email: [email protected]
Master in application architecture and design.
Experienced and adept in the full life cycle of projects: planning; design and development; testing; deployment.
Super-efficient in the management of my own time, the time of others, and the project life cycle.
Proven ability to complete tasks and projects in a fraction of the time.
Very positive attitude and friendly demeanor with the ability to get along and work well with everybody.
Master in all of the following technologies:
 ASP.NET using C# programming language (all versions);
 SQL Server (version 2000 and above), including T-SQL, Stored Procedures, database design, management,
replication, analysis, reporting.
 HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Able to develop cross-browser applications with ease. Including the use of DHTML
and AJAX technologies
 WPF and Silverlight versions 4.0.
 Win Forms and Windows Compact Framework
 XML including XSLT, XSD, DOM, etc.
Proficient in the following additional technologies:
Photoshop; Flash; Java; Android; Blackberry; Windows 7 Phone
Work Experience
Independent Consultant / Entrepreneur
January, 2010 – Present
All Mobile development
All software development
All software and data management
Creating and managing accounting systems and data for these, including taxes, payouts, etc.
Key Accomplishments:
Created the Android Game: "Boris the Bullet Dodger"
Created the Website, a destination for clientele to view upcoming events from our company
and also photos from previous events. Has social networking capabilities where clientele can connect with others
Created Blackberry software for managing the tallies and sales of our promoters for Entourage Nightlife
Created the Blackberry application: "Alternate Side Parking". An application for NYC residents to see if alternate side
parking rules are in effect for a given day
In the process of developing "Project Life" ( An application which will heavily utilizes
Silverlight, Social Networking capabilities, and advanced goal management tools.
Lead ASP.NET Architect
Track Entertainment
October, 2006 – October, 2010
Managed and led a team of up to 4 programmers
New Development of properties; planning; specifications; etc
Maintaining and adding features to properties, including XML Feeds, Web Services, website redesigns, new features,
testing, bug fixing
Responsible for the proper performance testing and maintenance of websites, including stress testing, query
optimization, code optimization, etc.
Responsible for ensuring and planning for possible recovery scenarios, including database backups, mirroring,
replication, back-ups, and test scenarios.
Responsible for the performance and monitoring of the progress of my team, ensuring proper training and ongoing
development of abilities.
All software was developed using ASP.NET 2.0 – 4.0 with C#, SQL 2000 – 2008 backend databases, AJAX,
Silverlight, WPF, Win Forms, and related technologies.
Key Accomplishments:
Upon first coming to Track Entertainment, they were redeveloping which was into its 13th Month of
development. After reviewing the code, I had come to the conclusion that the new website was poorly coded and
structured and was doomed to fail. The code was scrapped, the programmers retrained, and the project was completed
fresh in only 4 months. It saved the company a lot of time, embarrassment, and money.
Developed and maintained, which include features like:
o Social Networking
o Event Management
o Blogs
o Articles
o XML Feeds
o Web Services
o Windows Services
o AJAX for better user interface
o E-commerce functionality
o Geo-location based data
o Globalization
Solely responsible for the redevelopment of /, a high-volume, e-commerce ticketing
website. It has the following features:
o E-Commerce ticketing sales capabilities
o Point-of-Sale windows software and Windows CE (mobile) scanning software.
o Table reservations
o Inventory tracking
o Web services and REST API's, as well as XML feeds
o Windows Services for low inventory, non-filled tables, automatic price changes
o Reporting for partners and administrators
o An affiliate system which includes white-labeling functionality so that they can virtually create their own ecommerce website
Senior ASP.NET Architect
Resplendent Designs, Inc.
June, 2002 – October, 2006
Planned, specked, designed, and developed websites ranging in size from small corporate information to large scale ecommerce using ASP.NET technology with C#, SQL Server, MySql, and other RDBMS’s.
Created class libraries and custom controls to make development project easier and faster
Developed business objects and data tiers to allow for easy Client to backend database server communication and
Solely involved in the full life cycle of the web application which includes planning, designing, coding, testing, and
Created project templates and “engines” to allow for application reuse.
Key Accomplishments:
Developed an E-Commerce engine (or starter kit) which allowed me to create full blown e-commerce websites in 24
hours of development time, which included design and layout.
Developed one of the first accredited online high schools in America which allowed students to achieve their high
school degree online.
Developed a ORM framework back in the ASP.NET 1.1 era, similar to what was available years later in ASP.NET 3.5
with the Entity Framework. This framework and class library cut down my development time by 60%
Developed a Class library of Controls and Modules which I’ve used and built upon for years and allows me to
complete common tasks in a fraction of the time.
Developed from scratch and maintained approximately 45 websites throughout the course of working here.
References available upon request