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Templates for the course assignment lesson plan
Lesson plan cover page
Workshop title
Brief description of context, location
and time (size of classroom,
facilities/resources available, time of
day, lesson length, etc) – 50 words
Saudi Arabia
Rawdah Nakawah
Teaching English Certificate in Secondary English
Language Teaching (CiSELT)
It’s a writing lesson planned for 12 graders on March
5th 2013.
The class consists of 25 female students, divided into
groups of four seated in circles. The class is big
enough to hold this number of students (6X6m) as
they can move easily and freely.
Facilities used: the white board, a computer, a screen,
a video, a graphic organizer, worksheets.
The lesson will last for fifty minutes and I expect
students to be active and to participate very well
through this lesson.
Brief description of learners (how
many, age, level, special
needs/behavioral issues, etc) –
50 words maximum
Learners are female students of grade 12. They are
between 17 to 18 years old. Their mother tongue is
Arabic. They study English as a second language.
They study many subjects at school like math,
physics, chemistry, biology, religion, etc…70% of
them are excellent in English 25% are average and 5%
are somehow weak. They study the national program
assigned by the Ministry of Education which is very
simple for excellent ones and somehow suitable for
the average ones. Besides, they take a supplementary
English curriculum to better their English language
Brief description of the new idea and
why chosen
(50 words maximum)
I got the idea of this lesson from a workshop that I
attended in my school by two American people Mr.
Schwarz and Mrs. Rebecca who trained us to use
different thinking skills. The workshop is called
“Thinking based learning”. We spent some time
practicing different skills and we use some of them in
different lessons that we teach to help students think
critically while learning not to spoon feed them
new idea of the lesson is to help and prepare students
to think critically and enable them to find suitable
solutions to certain
Problems that they might face in their daily lives..
It’s also crucial to enable them to work in groups and
share their ideas and decisions with their classmates.
Templates for the course assignment lesson plan continued
Lesson plan cover page
How does the lesson fit with
(30 words maximum)
Learning outcome
Materials and references (attach
Anticipated problems
(50 words maximum)
The lesson is assigned as a writing class and students
are supposed to have such classes every week
according to the annual plan in the syllabus. It’s
mainly to improve their writing skill. They usually
discuss the problem, write down some possible
solutions, listen to each group’s solutions, write down
the best one they find better to apply. When they
finish all these steps in the graphic organizer (I
attached a sample), at home they consider this a draft
to their essay which is supposed to be written neatly at
home to submit it on an assigned day.
Students will be able to:
a. use critical thinking to solve a problem.
b. use some new vocabulary while discussing a certain
c. write down and exchange some solutions to the
problem with other groups.
d. apply what they learned in the class on similar
situations in their daily lives.
e. write an essay about the best way to solve the
problem of how to control the spread of infectious
diseases at school.
Students will use different language skills like
watching a video, listening to each other’s ideas,
speaking out theirs, using new vocabulary, reading
some notes to each other, discussing, negotiating,
agreeing and disagreeing, then write an essay.
1- A video which shows crowded streets in Riyadh
2- A graphic organizer
3- The white board
4- dictionaries
A- While doing the activity, students became very
active and a little noisy due to working in
groups. I expected that before starting the
lesson but the more active students are, the
better and more enthusiastic they become to
This usually happens and it wasn’t so bad.
Students didn’t waste time and went in their
procedure very well.
B- Some weak students rely on excellent ones to
represent them in the group. I was aware of
this problem and I intended to arrange my
groups in this way to encourage weak students
to be prepared to do better in the coming
Proposed solutions
(50 words maximum)
A- The noisy group should be kept till the end to read
their solutions as a kind of self-discipline to be
B- Teacher changes turn so everyone in the group
should speak and participate. For example, when
arranging each group, the teacher gives specific
roles to weak students and concentrates on them
to read and answer simple questions concerning
the activity they are working on before listening
to excellent ones.
Lesson procedure
Time Teacher activity
Student activity
Plays a video that shows a Teacher asks students to
5 crowded street(traffic jam) watch the video and
as an introduction to the comment on it.
main problem to be
discussed later.
A student from any group
tries to giving
any possible causes.
Teacher elicits, prompts
students to think of the
5 causes of the problem to Students give causes about
introduce her skill
being absent very often
problem solving.
due to spreading diseases.
Stage aim
For students to
watch, and identify
a problem in the
Students identify
causes of the
Students identify
another problem
and its causes.
Teacher asks why a certain Each group writes down
student is absent.(illness) their solutions to solve the Students To encourage
thinking and
Teacher distributes a
Students creativity.
graphic organizer to all
Each group reads their
groups to write possible solutions to the class.
To encourage
solutions to the problem. They listen carefully to
Teacher group work and to
she monitors their
each other so not to repeat
show selfperformance to avoid
the same points .
Students discipline while
repetition. reptition
T. asks each group to
Students discuss the final
Students To encourage
choose one of the most
solution to find its cons
critical thinking
choose a leader
to speak and pros.
Students like suggesting,
and represent them.
negotiating, and
analyzing the
T. asks each group to
Each group chooses one
Teacher results.
change some of the
point to mention about
negative solutions to make how to make the final
Students To use new
them match with the final solution acceptable to all
vocabulary from
solution to the problem. of them.
their dictionaries or
from the teacher
T. asks students to
Students come up with
mention the importance of different answers to show
doing this procedure.
their understanding of the
skill of problem solving
T. asks students revise the
steps followed to solve the Write an essay about how
problem and change them to reduce the spread of
into an essay to be done at disease at school (not more
than 350 words to be
submitted one week after
the lesson is given.
To make students
think of other
problems around
them and find
solutions to them.
To make students
write a good essay
about the steps
discussed earlier.
Templates for the course assignment reflection
What went well? Why?
(refer to the learners, learning
outcomes and stage aims, lesson
procedures, tasks / activities and
Students were very active and showed creativity by
giving many different and amazing solutions to the
problem discussed.
The steps of the lesson went on smoothly and the
materials used were helpful and supported their
thinking and performances very well. They came up
with new, smart ideas, they were curious to learn new
vocabulary concerning diseases and medicine. They
cooperated together efficiently; they learned and had
fun at the same time.
It was an interesting activity, students enjoyed it
because it was a new experience for them and they got
the chance to learn a new strategy of thinking and
solving problems.
What didn’t go well? Why?
(refer to the learners, learning
outcomes and stage aims, lesson
procedures, tasks / activities and
Some weak students relied on excellent ones to write,
speak, and discuss things instead of them.
But it was a good chance for weak students to be
acquainted with this method of learning first then I
will change distributing roles in each group later by
concentrating more on weak students as I have
mentioned earlier.
Also, the discussion at some times went out of control
because some groups want their solution to be applied
and it was a bit hard to convince them.
What changes will I make next time? Next time, I will assign certain roles to every member
in the group and will give points to the group whose
all members participate effectively to encourage even
weak students to do participate. Also the noisy group
will lose some points in return. I might reward the
group which performs their duty quietly by giving
them extra marks or give them more chances to speak
out their ideas.
Course assignment: Lesson plan
Date: 11/3/2013
Moderator’s comments, advice and suggestions
Moderator: Stephen Hindlaugh
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