1103 Hockey Trivia Updated - Finders Forum 108 Fun Fact Playing

Hockey Trivia – New and Updated (English Only)
FINDERS FORUM is pleased to announce the launching of our
redesigned and updated Hockey Trivia Playing Cards featuring
Questions & Answers on one deck and Hockey Trivia on the other
for 108 interesting tidbits of information about the game we all love
and care about in a new English only format.
Hockey Trivia Playing Cards features the game that has fans
all over North America and Europe anxiously awaiting the drop
of the puck. Full of facts and information about your
favorite teams and players our double deck also contains
interesting questions and answers to test your hockey knowledge.
For more information please go to
Finders Forum Inc is a publisher of a wide range of innovative playing card titles
With interesting facts, trivia and information that appeal to a multi-demographic
audience. Turn what would otherwise be a regular deck of playing cards into an
exceptional experience of fun and learning… Experience the fun in learning
For more information please visit www.triviaplayingcards.com