Cardiac Output Worksheet

Cardiac Output Worksheet
Cardiac Output (CO)
Def: The volume of blood ejected from the ventricles (Systole) per minute.
Stroke Volume (SV)
Def: The amount of blood ejected from the ventricles each beat.
Approx Resting Value=70ml
Approx value during Exercise= 110-120ml
Heart Rate (HR)
Def: The number of heartbeats per minute.
Average resting HR = 72
Max HR during Exercise = Approx 220-age.
Cardiac Output (Q) = Stroke Volume (SV) x
Heart Rate (HR)
The following questions will use the approx values for SV given above, combined with the HR value
from the HR Monitor.
Resting HR
= __________
Working HR =___________
Resting SV
Working SV =
Resting CO
= __________
Working CO = ___________
Approx _________ litres of blood need to be pumped round the body to supply the O2
that the body needs at rest.
Aerobic training can cause the Resting HR to fall. This is due to an increased SV.
Take 10 beats away from the Resting HR above and calculate how the SV changes if
CO stays the same
_____________ = _______________ x ________________
Resting CO
Resting HR-10
New SV
( SV=CO/HR )
Suggest why the SV has increased below:
A trained Heart does not have to beat as many times as an untrained Heart to produce
the same CO
What effect will this have on the Maximum CO?______________________________
Your Max CO assuming you are a trained athlete HR = (220-Your age); SV= 170ml
CO__________________ = HR________________ x 170ml