Independent Learning Unit – PLANTS – Chapters 22, 23 & 24

Independent Learning Unit – PLANTS – Chapters 22, 23 & 24
**There will not be specific assignments given each day. However,
there will be checkpoints and quizzes given periodically to encourage
you to keep up. Mrs. Brannen will explain involved topics (life cycles
of moss, fern & angiosperms) The rest of the learning targets you are
responsible for on your own (reading, vocabulary, workbook pages,
labs and computer activities) and she will be available for questions.
The assignments are grouped according to chapters. All assignments
will be turned in as a portfolio for a project grade. Each one should be
titled as they are here.
1) Visuals – a. Number down your paper 22.1 – 22.23 b. Study each
picture or diagram and write a brief description for each and answer
any INTERPRET VISUALS question (put caption description in your own
words) **(OMIT 22.6, 22.7, 22.8, 22.20) Try to finish in 15 min.
2) Text – Read Sec. 22.1 p 634-638 Workbook - REG: pages 338, 339 &
340 HONORS: pages
3) Lab Activity: Algae Look at prepared slides of unicellular algae and
multicellular Spirogyra & Volvox under the microscope & Draw on white
paper in circles. Read p 640 and answer the following 2 Lab Questions in
complete sentences: How are green algae similar to and different from
other plants? What do Spirogyra and Volvox have in common?
4) Lab Activity: Mosses & Ferns Get a moss sample and examine it first
with your naked eye as you read p 641- 642 and then examine under a
dissecting microscope. Workbook REG: page 343 Label parts & answer
questions. HON: On white paper Draw Fig 22.10 p 641 Text making sure
you can identify those structures on your moss plant – Determine which
plants are male & female. Get diagram of Moss Life Cycle: Using p 642
explain steps of alternations of generations to partner & label diagram.
Get diagram of Fern Life Cycle: Using p 645, explain alternation of
generations in fern life cycle & label diagram
5) Read / Study p 646-647 Review Vocabulary 1-10 Know for quiz end
of class TUE. Workbook – REG.p 345 Importance of Seeds
HON p ________