Gun Control (Bill-c68) is a highly controversial issue in Canada

Bill C-68: Gun Control.
By: Hamid Dehnad
Gun Control (Bill-C68) is a highly controversial issue in
Canada. This essay will examine both sides of the controversy
by presenting information surrounding the topic. Giving that the
subject of Gun Control and its legality is an emotional one, this
paper will provide the reader with a objective and clear picture
of the issue. If bill C-68 becomes law, Canada will be a safer
There are many views on whether guns should be banned. The
views on this subject are numerous. On one side guns should
be banded from Canada. Supporters of the bill include police
chiefs, woman’s organizations, victim’s groups and various
others. They believe this for one simply reason, guns have only
one function and that is to hurt or to kill people. If guns are
banned then it would make Canada a safer place. People who
support bill C-68 note that firearms are responsible for 1400
deaths in Canada each year. Of these, 75 percent are suicides
and 15 percent are homicides. Firearms are also a leading cause
of deaths among teens. By making guns illegal to own, there
would be a dramatic drop in gun-related crimes and Canada
would be a safer place to live in. This is a treory calculated my
the government.
Many people of the public feel that guns should not be banned
from Canada. People like guns salesmen. They believe this
because they think that the people who use guns on a legal
basis will suffer like hunters, target shooters, and gun
collectors. They fear that their hobbies or their favorite sports
will become illegal. The National Firearms Association with 100
000 members states that the new law will make it more difficult
for Canadians to defend themselves and their property. They
also state that criminals, who buy their guns illegally, will be
encouraged to commit more crimes because the public who
obey the law will not have any weapons to defend themselves,
therefore making an easy target.
There are many consequences of having guns in the hands of
the public. There are many advantages and disadvantages of
having guns remain in Canada. One advantage is that hunters,
target shooters, and gun collectors can do what they like to do
best, for example people who like to practice their hobbies or
sports. Guns can relieve stress to many Canadians who like to
practice legal gun use. Also Canadians can protect themselves
and their property from criminals. The disadvantages of this are
very serious. Guns are responsible for 1400 deaths and are a
leading cause in teen deaths as already mentioned. Guns are
used in many illegal activities, therefore increasing the crime
rate in Canada resulting in unsafe streets. Guns have only one
function and that is to bring forth harm or death.
In conclusion, both sides present good points and had good
arguments. Will gun control make Canada a safer place or is it a
restriction of individual freedom? Will bill C-68 reduce criminal
activity or will it increase it? It is a risk that the government is
willing to take. Only time will provide the outcome of these