Temperature Changes

Temperature Changes
Temperature Conversions
°C to °F
1.27 °C
2.87 °C
3.2 °C
4.-10. °C
5.12 °C
°F to °C
1.50 °F
2.25 °F
3.88 °F
4.-5 °F
5.0 °F
°C or °F to K
1.10 °C
2.10. °F
3.25 °F
4.50 °C
5.75 °C
1. Usually, people die if their body temperature drops below 35°C. There was one case,
however, of a two-year-old girl who had been accidentally locked outside in the winter. She
survived, even though her body temperature dropped as low as 14.0°C. Express this
temperature in Kelvins and in degrees Fahrenheit.
Ans: T = 287 K TF = 57.6°F
In experiments conducted by the United States Air Force, subjects endured air temperatures
of 4.00 x 102 °F. Express this temperature in degrees Celsius and in Kelvins.
Ans: T = 204°C T = 477 K
3. The temperature of the moon’s surface can reach 117°C when exposed to the sun and can
cool to –163°C when facing away from the sun. Express this temperature change in degrees
Fahrenheit. (Convert to F then take the difference.)
Ans: T = 536 °F
4. In 1980, Willie Jones of Atlanta, Georgia, was hospitalized with heatstroke, having a body
temperature of 116°F. Fortunately, he survived. Express Wilie’s body temperature in
Ans: T = 3.20 x 102 K