Editable Research Plan Template

Name (type your name here)
Research Plan
Title of Project (same as what you put on your form)
(Type your testable question here.)
(Type your hypothesis here; “If (independent variable) then, (dependent variable).”)
 List materials here using the bullets
 MUST use metric measurements (cm, g, mL, etc.)
 Give the amount you will be using
 Or, if no measurement is needed, just list the material
1. List the steps to you project here numbering each step
2. You do not need to say “gather your materials” or “buy materials”
3. Be sure to make the directions simple enough for anyone to follow
4. You may want to have another person read the procedure then summarize what they were
supposed to do.
5. It is a wise idea for your last step to be repeat the procedure two or three more times.
Data Analysis
(In a paragraph, explain how the data will be collected and recorded. Try not to use “I” or “me”.
Explain how you are going to come up with the answer to your question. How will you measure and
record your results?)
Does not include the following:
 Customary measurements (inch, cup, gallon) – MUST use metrics (if you don't know the
conversion... look it up!)
 Any words like I, me, my mom, etc. Instead of I use the researcher and instead of my mom say
the adult supervisor. (This needs to sound scientific!)
 Leave the subheadings “Purpose, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data Analysis”
Human Participants Research
Participants: (describe the participates in your study: age, gender, racial/ethnic, minors)
The participants in the study will range in age from ____________________. There are ________
males and ________ females. The participants are minors and will complete the task only with their
parents permission. <-- only include this sentence if you are using minors, under 18, in your experiment
Recruitment: (Where will you find participants? How will they be invited to participate?)
The participants were students are classmates of the researcher. They will be asked to participate by the
researcher and only participate with parent permission.
Methods: (What will the participants do? Will you use any surveys, questionnaires, tests? What
is the frequency and length of time involved for each participant?)
The participants will be asked to run around the track at a local junior high school and their times will
be recorded. The participants will answer a survey about the types of shoes that they like to wear and if
these affect their athletic performance. The entire project will take approximately one hour to complete.
Risk Assessment:
Risks: (ANY potential risks: physical, psychological, etc., describe how to minimize risks)
The potential risks and discomforts include athletic injuries that could happen while the participants are
running. The participants will be allowed to take frequent breaks and may stop if any discomfort is
Benefits: (list any potential benefits to participants or to society)
The participants will be exercising with adult supervision and receive information about the types of
footwear that can benefit athletic performance.
Protection of Privacy: All participants names will not be used. Instead of their names each
participant will be assigned a letter, and they will be referred to by this for the remainder of the project.
The researcher along with the researchers parent/guardian will have access to the project information.
At the end of the project all information will be shredded and disposed of properly.
Informed Consent Process: When asking the participants to participate in the study the
researcher will explain to them the project in detail. The researcher will provide them with any
necessary data. The participants have been notified that their participation is voluntary and that they
can stop at any time.
Hazardous Chemicals, Activities & Devices
The researcher as well as participants will be using a hazardous chemical or potentially
dangerous activity. All proper safety precautions will be taken at all times. Adult supervision will be
present at the time of the project being conducted. The researcher and adult supervisor have been
educated as to proper safety precautions and actions that need to be taken in case of an emergency. If
necessary all proper disposal methods will be taken care of.
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