Napa Valley College Faculty Association General Meeting


Napa Valley College Faculty Association General Meeting


Announcements/Presidents’ Report

Application to implement Fair Share is being delayed a year (explanation to follow at October meeting).

YES on 30! NO on 32!

Instructions on what we can do legally re: political action on campus (a few handouts, but will be posted on NVCFA website in pdf format)

Ad Hoc Political Action Committee, called Yes on 30! No on 32!

Monday, 9/17 there will be a voting drive (ad hoc committee together with ASNVC)—send ideas or come out and help man tables or put material on your doors.

The Budget Presented by John Nahlen (see the PowerPoint on NVCFA website)

We started out the year with a 1.6 million dollar deficit. We’re starting the budget year with a best-case scenario 1.4 million dollar deficit but after cutting as much as we possibly can (1.2 million) we still have a deficit of $310,000.

 If Prop. 30 passes, we still face this $1.5+ million deficit. We’ve cut 50 sections from fall schedule. We won’t have to cut more from spring (may have growth money?) Reserve will be 9.34%.

If Prop. 30 fails, we will face another million+ in cuts and will need to cut 25-30% (or about 50) more courses/sections. And reserve will drop to 3.99%, below ACCJC & NVC BOT requirements.

Cuts that came out of cabinet this summer all reflect operational costs cuts. Salaries & benefits =87% of costs.

State Apportionment Fund has been cut $4 million since 2008-9.

Restricted General Fund has been cut $1.6 million since 2008-9

Last year there was overspending in categoricals (shifted into general fund)

FTES (full time equivalent students) is our workload and how we are funded (one student taking 15 units fall & spring semester).

At Q & A following the presentation, faculty asked the following questions and expressed the following concerns: o What is our plan for growth in the spring (should Prop. 30 pass and growth money come in), so we ensure we are able to claim all the funds (and not repeat past mistakes)? o John Nahlen mentioned that broken and outdated equipment, such as office computers, would not be replaced or upgraded. There was a question/concern about how realistic this was given that this equipment, especially computers, is necessary now for us to be able to do our jobs. o A question was asked about how the district was able to predict savings (from ERI) for the 2 constituent groups, but not for faculty.