Ecology Activities
Select from the activities below. Each category of activities has a different point value. You must complete activities that add up to at least150 points.
Your final grade will be determined by the accuracy of the information and the thoroughness of your activity. Have fun!
A = 20
B = 30
C = 40
Describe your biome, ecosystem, 1. Write a rap song about Rachel Carson, 1. Create a superhero that prevents species
from going extinct. Draw a picture of
community, population, and species.
Barry Commoner, and/or John Muir.
2. Make a comic strip that shows the 2. Find 2 plants that are non-native to
your superhero and write a story about
relationship between a predator and its
Phoenix, Arizona. Write ½ page about
how your superhero has saved species. (1
prey (6-8 panels in color).
them and include pictures.
page story in addition to the drawing).
3. Use at least 3 examples to explain why 3. Choose an organism. Have your organism 2. Create a crossword puzzle using at least 15
decomposers are good (1/2 page).
write a letter to his cousin that lives in the
ecology-related words. Must have a key.
4. Create an experiment that would test if a
same biome but in a different part of the 3. Draw a scene showing at least 15 biotic
population of birds migrate or immigrate.
The letter must describe the
and abiotic examples and have a classmate
organism’s habitat. (1/2 page)
try to find them all. List each of the
Include your hypothesis in the correct
examples on a separate sheet of paper.
D = 50
E = 60
F = 70
1. Write a creative story that describes how 1. Write a script for a play about habitat 1. Create a newspaper that specializes in
an ecologist affects the environment. (at
destruction and habitat restoration.
Environmental Science including the
least 1 page).
Include cast, stage directions, settings,
causes and affects of pollution, acid rain,
2. Find an article from the newspaper and
character descriptions, and narration.
and clear vs selective cutting (At least 3
write about how it relates to the study of 2. Perform a puppet show that demonstrates
stories and 2 ads). Must be in color.
ecology. (1 page).
the difference between consumers and 2. Research the career of a Conservation
3. Survey at least 3 of your family members.
producers. Must have at least 2 different
Biologist and explain the importance of
How are their niches different from one
characters and 2 scenes.
biodiversity. (1 page, 2 sources with
another? (at least 1 paragraph response
bibliography ).
for each person interviewed and a 4th
3. Create a game about Competition,
paragraph comparing/contrasting their
including limiting factors, predators, and
prey. Must include all necessary materials
and instructions.