Title: Epithelial Tissue Histology Lab

Keys to Lab –
Sketches should be done in PENCIL, and to the best of your ability. – You can use your lab-book on all practicals. You must find tissue that we are
studying under microscope. (Try not to sketch straight from pictures – you may have to find tissues under the microscope) Labels should be included –
always label blood vessels. Take your time. You should sketch with a histology atlas as a reference.
Title: Nerve Tissue Histology Lab
Objective: To understand the anatomy of nervous tissue
Materials: Histology Slides, Microscope, Lab-book, PENCIL
Procedure – Label Bolded items.
1. Mulitpolar neuron - Note distinctive shape of neuron, with long processes (dendrites and/or axons, 5)
extending out from main cell body. The large, irregularly shaped cell body (3) contains a darker nucleus (2), which
contains an even darker-staining nucleolus (1). There are also numerous supporting glial cells, though only their
small dark nuclei (4) are easily seen.
2. Nerve (cross section) A similar basic arrangement as in muscles, with fibers (4) bundled into fascicles (1).
Note that nerve fibers are much smaller than muscle fibers and instead of being uniformly red in color have a dark
central axon (3), surrounded by white myelin (2). Connective tissue sheaths: endoneurium (5) perineurium (6)
epineurium (7) Nerve fiber (4) composed of: an axon (3) surrounded by myelin (2) .
3. Nerve Fiber – Teased
A longitudinal section that has been teased shows the Nodes of Ranvier, Schwann
Cells, and Axon, running through it.
1. 3 histological sketches
What did you learn during this lab?
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