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Christianity Quiz
Match up the following terms with their definitions.
A. Gentiles
B. Heresy
C. Parousia
D. Catechumenate
E. Synagogue
F. Catacombs
G. Zealot
H. Arianism
I. Patriarch
J. Pharisees
K. Barbarians
L. Sadducees
1. _
A system of underground passages, used as Jewish cemeteries and also used by
Christians to worship without fear of persecution.
2. _
Beliefs and teachings contrary to official religious views.
3. _
Freedom fighter nationalists who hated Romans,
4. _
A collective name given to all non-Jewish people
5. _
Strict Jews who tried to keep every part of the Law
6. _
The Christian belief that Jesus would return at the end of time to judge the living and
7. _
A Jewish house of worship
8. _
The Bishop of Constantinople, recognised as the main authority in the Eastern Church
Name given to the different tribes which invaded the Roman Empire over a long period of time.
An early heresy in the Church which denied the divinity of Jesus.
Upper class Jewish leaders who had a less strict approach to the Law
12. _
The period of preparation for Baptism, lasting for up to three years.
Number and answer the following questions on the back.
13. Give an example from Scripture showing that Jesus identified with the poor and dispossessed.
14. Give an example from Scripture showing how Jesus used a parable.
15. Place the following scriptures in chronological order: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Epistles of Paul
16. In point form show the differences between East and West that led to the Great Schism.
Identify the following statements up with the correct man: Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII
17. Believed that the Church was a priesthood of all believers.
18. Taught that human nature since the fall of Adam was utterly depraved.
19. Taught predestination
20. Taught salvation came from faith in Jesus alone.
21. Broke with the Catholic Church when the Vatican would not grant him a divorce.
22. Formed his Church for political reasons.