Person Perception: Forming Impressions of Other People (pg. 498-502)
1. What is Person Perception?
2. What are the three key components that make up every interpersonal context?
3. Write out the four basic principles of Person Perception.
4. What is meant by social norms and give an example.
5. What is social categorization? How does it occur mentally?
6. Give an advantage and disadvantage for social categorization.
7. What is the implicit personality theory? Give an advantage and disadvantage of it.
8. Describe the major personality differences if any that are found between attractive and
unattractive people.
9. How does the ventral striatum have impact on people when they make eye contact with
attractive people?
Attribution: Explaining Behavior (pg. 503-505)
10. What is Attribution and what specifically is the Fundamental Attribution Error?
11. What is the name for the explanatory pattern that the fundamental attribution error plays
a role in?
12. What is meant by the just-world hypothesis?
13. Explain the actor-observer discrepancy and give an example of this.
14. Explain the self-serving bias and give an example of this.
15. How do people in a collectivist culture differ from individualistic cultures when it come to
self biases?