The DJG Story

The DJG Story
Debi J. Gilmore
Ms. Gilmore earned her Masters of Project Management Degree, with
Honors, from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago. She
earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Services
Administration from Florida International University in Miami, where
she received the FIU Academic Award of Achievement. Following
nominations by faculty, she was featured in The National Dean’s List.
Core Markets
Call Center
Special Projects
Core Services
Business Consulting
Operations; Assessments
Cost; Process Improvement
Automated Underwriting;
Tele-Underwriting and
Evidence Cost Analysis
Call Center Development,
Call Center Optimization
Project Management
Program Management
Outsourcing; Vendor
Selection & Management
Diversification Strategy,
Growth Initiatives
Market Research
Research and Surveys
Accomplishments continued in her professional career as she received the
“Who’s Who in Sales and Marketing” distinction and was published in
the 21st Edition of “Who’s Who in the South and Southeast”. Over the
course of her corporate career, she continued to meet and exceed
expectations and earned several outstanding achievement and
performance awards.
Ms. Gilmore began her career as a Practice Manager for a physicians
group. She continued in Healthcare when she joined a national staffing
company specializing in nursing, home health care, and medical testing
services. This foundation of general management experience included
management of multi-product and multi-site branch operations,
recruitment, training, establishment of Best Practices, P & L
management, marketing and sales.
Within two years, she was promoted to Regional Director providing
multi-site support in both Sales and Operations. In this role, she
redesigned the procedure flow system for order processing, which was
then adopted as an operating standard for the company nationally.
In addition, she established and implemented a highly effective Sales
Territory Management Program, including the publishing of a supporting
Sales Strategy and Training Manual, which was adopted nationally.
Ms. Gilmore actively participated at the local, state and national level of
Life Insurance industry trade associations. This involvement led to a
position of Zone Marketing Manager with a focus on National Account
Sales working closely with Home Office Life Underwriting departments.
In addition to account servicing and approvals, she conducted an
independent Market Analysis for new product development, which in
turn supported the firm’s strategic decision to diversity into Occupational
Health Services.
Ms. Gilmore next accepted a corporate position, as National Director of
Operations, responsible for relocation of Corporate Operations from the
Midwest to the Northeast. She relocated to Boston where she quickly
established new departments, recruited & trained staff, and managed
daily field support functions, including operational and procedural
manual updates, policy revisions, customer requirements, quality
assurance, sales support and inventory control. The role included
management of the Central Service Center, with a high level of national
account customer and field customer contacts, bids, and proposals.
In her next role as Vice President – Special Projects, Ms. Gilmore
relocated to Chicago to Co-Chair the merge and integration of an
acquired company. She was key in the development of strategies for the
merge including personnel decisions, payroll conversions, inventory
management, multiple site logistics (150+ centers nationwide), corporate
culture evolution, policy & procedure changes, systems integration, and
corporate communications. Success of this project was in large part due
to Ms. Gilmore’s publication of the “Integration Reference Guide”.
Following the success of the merged companies, Ms. Gilmore spent the
next five years, as Division VP of Operations, directing operations,
finance, planning, business development, recruitment, training,
marketing, sales and customer service of multiple site locations in the
Midwest, Canada, and the Southeast.
Ms. Gilmore used strong analytical skills to develop and implement short
and long-term strategies, which demonstrated her ability to successfully
turn around difficult locations while growing territories at rates greater
than industry trends. Actions include annual budgeting, capital expense
control and forecasting. Ms. Gilmore maintained a team-oriented
environment, personally providing strong leadership and development of
personnel. Success of the division included making difficult strategic
decisions involving the closing or consolidation of some sites, while
expanding others.
While in this role, Ms. Gilmore also assumed responsibility for the
management of the firms national call centers. Each center required
organizational, people, process and technology changes, which included
migration from legacy to LAN systems, telecom system upgrades, and
relocation of facilities. Ms. Gilmore successfully managed these
significant changes, resulting in the centers handling more than 25% of
the corporate revenue base. At the same time, annualized profits were
significantly improved.
Debi J. Gilmore - BIO
Competitive pressures in the industry, and customer demand for
electronic data exchange, provided Ms. Gilmore’s next opportunity.
Appointed Vice President of Insurance Services, she focused on new
product development that included Electronic Part I & Part II processing,
(tele-underwriting) electronic inspection reporting, and central order,
reporting, and tracking of medical and personal information for insurance
underwriting purposes. The Product was successfully developed and
implemented in the call center environment, in less than one year, with
wide acceptance in the industry, and immediate adaptation by the
Shortly following the above rollout, a competitor acquired the firm Ms.
Gilmore was with. Ms. Gilmore was one of only three senior level
persons retained by the new parent company, because of her expertise in
call centers and the industry. Once again, her role was to restructure
operations, which included the expansion and consolidation of several
multi-site call centers across the U.S. Working with a new technology
team, systems were integrated, migrated or upgraded. Merge related
consolidations resulted in significant operating profits and using market
share as the measure, the new organization emerged a clear leader.
Upon completion of the above corporate assignment, Ms. Gilmore elected
to establish her own Consulting Practice in 1997. Given her long and
successful management career with the medical testing industry serving
the Life Insurance Underwriting and Occupational Health communities,
in which eight of those years she oversaw multiple call center operations,
spearheaded new e-product technology development, and led marketing
of new product launches, diversification and expansion initiatives, Ms.
Gilmore recognized the value in combining her knowledge and expertise
across industries.
Ms. Gilmore’s consulting practice specialized in operations, process, and
growth strategy; call center development and project management.
Initiatives involve assessments, market research, staffing, call center
optimization, diversification, sales strategy, cost containment, and project
management of both technical and non-technical programs. Niche
projects included tele-underwriting, automated underwriting and medical
evidence cost audits for the insurance industries. As well as, technology
implementations, build & staffing of centers, operational solutions, and
growth initiatives to fill excess capacity for call centers. Ms. Gilmore
managed two Siebel CRM implementations, both on time and under
budget. In 2000, Ms. Gilmore partnered with InTelia, an IT organization
with expertise in technology and telecom services, as a compliment to her
call center management practice.
Debi J. Gilmore - BIO
In 2003, Ms. Gilmore resumed private practice as DJG Associates, Inc.,
and continues serving the Insurance, Healthcare, and Call Center
Industries. Ms. Gilmore exhibits a strong Project Portfolio, complete
with testimonials of satisfied clients.
Ms. Gilmore exhibits strong analytical, organizational, strategic and
project management skills. Her career successes range from front line
level CSR to Senior VP. Her attention to detail, coupled by the ability to
look at the big picture, of any project or business scenario, provides an
unique combination of skills that fit well with an organization whose core
focus of executing strategic initiatives is to achieve desired results. Be it
to grow the business or diversify, to improve operations, costs or
processes, or to implement projects involving new technologies, Ms.
Gilmore is dedicated to results that get clients to the next level.
Ms. Gilmore can be reached at:
Debi J. Gilmore - BIO