The Shadow of Hate

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The Shadow of Hate: A History of Intolerance in America
Answer the questions below as you watch the video.
The questions go in order, but you have pay close attention to get all the
1. In the opening shot of the video, American Klansmen are marching down
Washington, D.C.’s Pennsylvania Avenue carrying American flags to show their
hatred of _________________ , __________________ , and _________________.
2. Refugees from Europe came to the New World to escape
______________________________________________________ , and they were
willing to endure a number of hardships to get here.
3. By 1656 _________________________ were persecuted, and because of their
beliefs, the _________________________ of Virginia fared no better.
4. Forced from their lands, hundred of tribes of Native Americans like the Lakota
Sioux had seen their culture and society destroyed by the
5. The American cavalry that escorted the tribe to their new home on the Pine Ridge
Reservation led them to a camp near _____________________________________
where they were systematically slaughtered.
6. What group of immigrant laborers laid track through the granite mountains of
California, Nevada, and Utah?
7. In 1882, Congress passed an immigration act stating what about these immigrants?
8. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans were forced to sell their belongings,
their businesses, and were taken to internment camps in the California deserts.
When did this occur? __________________________________________________
9. Felix Longoria, a Mexican-American from Texas, who fought and died for his country
in the Philippines during World War II, was denied a _________________________.
10. Eventually, his body was moved 1,500 miles to _____________________________
to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
11. By 1950, over _______________ African-Americans had been lynched.
12. On a Saturday afternoon, Mary Phagan was mutilated and murdered at the pencilmaking company she worked at in Atlanta. ________________________________
was accused of her murder. He was a ________________________ from Brooklyn.
The jury found him __________________.
13. How did the man put on trial for Mary Phagan’s murder die?
14. Henry Ford, a devout pacifist (a hater of violence) and founder of the Ford Motor
Company industrial empire believed _______________ were the causes of all wars.
15. Ford owned a private newspaper called ___________________________________.
16. Ford blamed the Jews for everything that bothered him, including _______________
and _______________, and he thought it was his duty to expose them.
17. Ford’s privately owned newspaper had a circulation of _______________________.
18. David Duke, a politician from Louisiana, was Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan
before he ran for office. He also celebrated ________________________ birthday.
19. The Reverend Louis Farrakhan blamed ____________ for ____________ problems.
20. If you’re going to be tolerant of people, you have to _____________________ them;
find out the ___________________.
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