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Quiz 1. Introduction to marketing

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Introduction to Marketing
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What best defines marketing:
Is sale of product and services
Is advertising of product and services
Is creating customer value and delivering customer satisfaction at profit
Sales orientation is when:
A firm uses aggressive marketing and promotional strategy
A firm spends time to obtain information about their customer and their needs
A firm focuses on selling at low price
Q2. A clothing company wants to sell more clothes by revisiting its marketing strategy. It
currently has one retail store in the city center. They are open to new ideas that can help
boost their sales, which is why they have asked you to come up with SMART objective. (/3)
Scenario 1
Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker and founded by Henry Ford. When the Company started, the
biggest secret to Ford's assembly line was that he built one car --the Model T. There were very few variations on the basic
structure and functionality of this automobile By developing an efficient assembly line, Ford was able to bring the cost of the
Model T down from around $800 to just under $300, putting affordable transportation into the hands of average consumers in
the United States. One of the best known slogans of the time, which Ford himself coined, was "You can have any color you want
as long as it is black."
Scenerio 2
Apple mission is “to bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services.”
Apple vision statement is “We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that’s not changing. “
Apple products offers a unique operating system, running at better speed than any of its present competitors, promising a
flexible working environment and light speed multitasking.
The Company’s strategy also includes building and expanding its own retail and online stores and its thirdparty distribution network to effectively reach more customers. The apple owned stores have highly knowledgeable service
people, giving a lot of time and effort to get the tech specifications across to the customers.
As a marketer, study the above Company scenarios and answer the following:
According to you, what marketing orientations best describe these Companies marketing philosophies? /1 + 1
Explain your reason for identifying these orientations. / 1+1
Evaluate how do these companies marketing strategy (focus) differ based on these orientations? /1+1