March 2006 Newsletter

Chiemsee Castle
March 2006 Newsletter
Jen Baird 3/1
Payton 3/1
Mya 3/10
Nickie 3/13
Avry 3/15
Breann 3/17
Amira 3/19
August 3/31
Jhace 3/31
Everyone at Chiemsee Castle
would like to welcome Darian, Avry,
Ocyana, Raelynn, and Elaina to our
Upcoming events
March 9th is picture day
The photographer will start taking
pictures at 7:15 A.M. and family
pictures will start at 4:00.
On April 10th from 6:00 – 7:30 we
will have another family night. The
three, four, and five year olds will
do a little something in German and
Spanish for the parents.
The purse fundraiser was a
success. We hope all the mothers
enjoyed it. The money we raised
will go toward supplies in your
child’s room.
Infant I
What and exciting month it was in
February, the babies have been
working so hard to get around the
room. Max is crawling everywhere
and now he’s even starting to stand
along the furniture. Nathan loves
to roll from one side of the room
to the other and is working on
crawling. Riley has grown so fast!
He’s working on rolling and sitting
up. Lead is so alert and is focusing
on everything and is reaching for
toys. We will be playing fun games
such as peek-a-boo, finger plays,
rolling a ball, so big, and pat-acake. Just a reminder; please
label all blankets and bottles.
Thank you so much for letting me
be a part in your babies lives
Ms Jen B.
Infant II
I would like to welcome August to
our room. Sophie is doing very well
at sitting. Caleb is doing great and
is close to walking. Jhace is
starting to pull himself up to
things. Sophia loves the jumperroo and exosaucer. Nikolas and
Amira are very close to walking.
Have a good month.
Miss Julie
Miss Jen’s Toddlers
The winter months are coming to
an end. The children will be doing
many different activities. Our
toddlers would like to welcome
Derrick, Ocyana, Morgan and
Payton to our room. Jack and
Cohen are doing very well learning
sign language, while Xxander is
learning his colors along with
Taylor, Jacob and Grace.
Have a wonderful month
Miss Jen
Miss Dianne’s Toddlers
We would like to welcome Raelynn
into our class; she is a delight to
our room.
During the day I blow bubbles in
the room, which the children love
to catch. At lunchtime children
use their sign language skills by
signing eat, more, please and thank
you. We also use flash cards,
which the children enjoy and help
to build their vocabulary.
Miss Dianne
Two’s room
Hello from the 2’s! We’ve been
quite busy this month. At group
time we work a lot on ABC’s,
counting and colors. The children
are really improving at a rapid rate!
We’re also learning to count in
Spanish. The children use their
sign language at lunch a lot. We
know milk, please, more and we’re
starting to introduce “I love you.”
We would like to welcome Elaina to
our room!
Three’s room
It just keeps getting busier and
busier in the 3’s room! We will now
be starting our 3 months of
German. The newest addition to
“letter of the week” is learning the
sign-language letters, too. Some
of the children are very good at
remembering them, especially
Morgan and Eric. We are also
working on spelling our names. Our
Spanish words have included
“hello,” “Good morning,” “banana”
and “heart”.
Miss Erica
Fours and Fives room
Happy March from the 4&5’s class!
February was a very busy month.
We have been practicing our
Spanish a lot and now almost all of
the kids can sing head, shoulders,
knees and toes in Spanish. They
also know their basic colors and
number’s 1-10 in Spanish. We have
been working on our names and
recognizing our letters. They are
doing GREAT!!! Thank you very
much to those of you who brought
in milk cartons and toilet paper
rolls, they have come in very
handy. Our Valentines Day party
went really well. The children got
a lot of valentines and we had a fun
and tasty party. Thank you for
bringing in all of the yummy snacks.
See you in the classroom
Miss Callie
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