French 122 – French 2

FRCH& 122 A – French 2 9:30 AM—10:20 AM
Fall Quarter 2014
Room A 228
Instructor: Carolyn P. Bilby
e-mail: [email protected]
Required Materials:
Optional Programs:
Office: A245 E
Office Hours: 12:30 – 1:20 PM Mon---Thurs & by
Office phone: 425-564-6169
Fax #: 425-564-2690
NEW! Promenades Second Edition:
ISBN: 978-1-61857-826-6 (all components)
This package has the newly updated website called
Supersite Plus. You need to purchase this package NEW,
not used!
You get a loose leaf textbook, access to a vast array of
online learning resources including: a V-text, a practice site,
a workbook, lab manual, video manual, as well as paper
copies of the workbook/video manual, lab manual and an
answer key.
order now from the Bellevue College bookstore or
Get your materials as soon as possible!
If you already have the first edition of Promenades, you
need to upgrade to the new website and v-text. The ISBN
for that is:
978-1-61857-027-7 This is on sale only at the Vista Web
address. You can still use your old paper workbook which
you will need, and answer key. Price for this package $130.
A stapler for your workbook assignments
Drop-in tutoring sessions open to all. Individual tutoring for
students working at C grade level or less. (D 204)
Flora Lewis once said: “Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same
things, but learning another way to think about things.” Enjoy the experience.
Supersite plus resources:
Open 24/7
I welcome all of you to Promenades. If you are new to this series I’d like to tell you that these
publishers have used the most recent research to enhance your language learning experience.
They offer abundant opportunities for practice with numerous self-correcting exercises for
instant reinforcement and enjoyable videos as well as cultural information to make your learning
both relevant and enjoyable.
You will be able to practice listening and speaking French right away, even if your French is a
little rusty from over the break. Your textbook has many features and offers you a lot practical
vocabulary that will make learning French relevant, and knowing what to study a lot easier as
well as fun for you. Welcome to the adventure ahead.
Here are the course outcomes for this class:
Demonstrative adjectives such as « ce », the “passé composé” with “être” and “avoir”, direct and
indirect object pronouns, regular “ir” and “re” verbs, the imperative, adverbs, the “imparfait”, the
verbs “savoir”, “connaître”, “devoir”, “pouvoir” and “venir” type verbs, comparatives and
superlatives with adjectives and adverbs, and finally double object pronouns.
This quarter we will cover 4 units. Each unit contains two lessons. You will have a test after
every unit.
You will need to enroll into the supersite as soon as possible at Click on
the icon for the Promenades 2nd edition. Use your new pass code and enroll in OUR class. (Be
careful to choose the correct section)
It is absolutely essential to keep up with the material! Try to devote a lot of time and effort to
working with all your materials, including the audio. The latter will improve your listening
comprehension of spoken French, give you a good “feel” for the language, as well as prepare
you for the listening portion of your exams. Should you feel lost, visit the tutoring center. If your
test average is a “C”, sign up for one on one tutoring as soon as possible.
Important: If your final grade or test average was a “D” for French 1 or French 121, you should
consider retaking that class if you want to succeed in French 122.
I encourage you to take advantage of our Language Lab in A 244. The open hours for
students will be posted on the door. If you are having personal computer problems we have
other computer in the Library Media Center as well as a computer lab in N building.
Expect to do one and one half hours of homework for this course every day. To master another
language you must practice listening to the spoken language and speaking it---even to
yourself….or your pets.  It’s perfectly OK to make mistakes in the process. Celebrate them,
as it means you have the courage to take a risk and are learning something.
Please refer to the Arts and Humanities “Student Procedures and Expectations” that you will
see on the A & H website, as they apply to my classes as well. Your rights as a student are
addressed in this document. You can locate this on the BC Arts and Humanities Materials’ web
site at:
Navigate to “World Languages”, French, and then to our class. You will find the document
mentioned above & this syllabus.
Policies for Arts and Humanities: Please visit this link on the Arts and Humanities Materials
website as it offers a lot of helpful information, especially if you ever have a complaint. These
are the basic guideline for students to follow.
CANVAS and new rules about e-mail: The college is requiring all BC students to establish a
BC e-mail account and to use whenever you communicate with the college or an instructor. You
also need this account to use the CANVAS site as well as our computer labs.
To create an account, go to:
You should get in the habit of consulting CANVAS as well as the Vista Higher Learning
supersite for regular posting which include announcements (a canceled class perhaps?), the
syllabus, test review sheets, as well as other items of interest.
Below you will see my amendments to the Arts and Humanities policies as well as specific data
relating to this course.
Grading and
= 50% of grade
The other components of your grade include the following:
= 10% of grade
“Practice” section from the supersite = 10% of grade
Online Lab Manual homework = 10% of grade
Hard copy of the Workbook Homework = 20% of grade
Showing up and being prepared for class is the first step towards your success. You are most
welcome and expected to arrive on time for class. Try to plan for traffic and parking challenges.
Think of earning 2 points per day. (maximum 100% per quarter)Tardiness: Arriving five minutes
late for class will result in a deduction of one point in your daily attendance grade, but please do
come to class even if you are late. One point here and there is not a serious issue. Consistency
in attendance and readiness to work are essential for your success and enjoyment of the
There are no excused absences unless there is an unusual situation such as a major weather
event, your stay in the hospital or a death in the family. Please provide me with supporting
After 10 absences, three points are deducted per absence.
Please note: Since you are expected to be in class every day, it is up to you to find out from a
classmate what you missed that day, any changes in the homework etc.
Supersite “Practice” homework:
We will talk about this more in class after you
have a chance to SEE the online site. Your due dates for the “Practice” exercises will be posted
on your online Vista Higher Learning calendar, not on CANVAS. You are encouraged to do
your best. Students enjoy seeing their scores for these exercises, but my grading of this portion
is based on completion of all the exercises by the posted due date.
It is very important to remember to SAVE your work on the supersite.
You will earn 13 points per lesson (and get as many as 104 points for the quarter) when you
complete all the assigned “practice” exercises on time. If you submit them late, I will see them
posted in RED. Then you lose 1 point for every missing and/or late exercise. You can get 7
points (maximum) if your entire assignment is completed but late within one week of the due
date. If there are still missing exercises, you will lose one additional point for each missing
All of the “practice” homework must indicate “completed” in my gradebook. If I see only
“started” you will not get any points for that particular exercise.
Lab Manual Homework: This work is due on the same day as the Workbook. All
of this can be completed online. Check the Vista online calendar for the due dates.
The grading of the lab is the similar to the grading of the “practice” exercises: meaning
each lab is potentially worth 13 points.
For the exercises requiring you to record your voice (indicated by the apple icon), you
only need to “open” and listen to the exercise. The rest of the exercises need to be
completed if you want full credit.
Some students prefer to submit the paper copy from the lab manual. This is an
acceptable option, but then it must be submitted the day the workbook is due.
Workbook homework to be handed in.
You have purchased a package that offers an online workbook with instant auto correction for
most exercises as well as a paper workbook with an answer key for you to use. You can enjoy
using the online workbook, and your efforts will appear in the online grade book, but you are
required to submit the completed and corrected workbook to me in person by the date posted
on the vista site. For your convenience I have also included those dates at the end of this
syllabus. If you are absent the day the workbook is due, please scan or take a picture of your
workbook homework and send it to me by e-mail. When you return, you may give me the paper
The assignment will be collected in class, but is still considered to be “on time” if delivered to
A 245 E while I am still on campus. You do not need to complete the exercises from the Video
When correcting your workbook exercises please use a different color of ink than what you have
used to do your work. Please don’t use green, as that’s the color I use to make comments. I
may check some parts quickly, so if you have any questions about a particular answer, please
note them in the margins and/or ask in class.
Please submit these pages in order, and stapled together. I am requesting that this homework
has been stapled (not with a paper clip please)with the pages in order. 
If the homework is incomplete or not corrected using the answer key, the student may be
denied any credit at all for the assignment.
If the homework is NOT stapled, the student will lose one point on the assignment. 
Possible Workbook for each lesson in Units 6-9
Complete, corrected, stapled and on time: 11-13 points
1 or 2 days late:
2 point penalty off the points given above
No other late workbook/lab accepted. 2 days is the maximum.
A perfect score yields: 104 points.
If the student is absent the day this work is due, the work can be scanned and sent to me via email until the student is able to return to campus and submit the hard copy.
Written examinations and oral presentation:
You will have an exam after every Unit, the last Unit being the final exam. More information will
be given later in the quarter as to the required oral presentation.
Since we only cover 4 units this quarter, your oral presentation grade will count as a test grade.
Exams are very important. Do your very best to avoid being absent or late the day of the exam.
There are no make-up exams. If you know in advance that you will have to miss your exam, try
to arrange to take the exam before the scheduled date. On exam day, if something prevents you
from getting to class in time for the exam, please contact me that day and perhaps you can take
the test later that day. I will drop one exam score, but not the final exam score or the oral
presentation grade..
Exams are serious business. Try to show up on time and do not leave the room until you have
turned in your completed exam. Leaving the room means that you have finished the class for
the day on the day of the exam.
Bellevue College is committed to maintaining an environment in which every member of
the campus community feels welcome to participate in the life of the college, free from
harassment and discrimination.
MY CLASSROOM is an LGBTQ Safe Space where I welcome your individuality, and I
will defend your right to be yourself in the spirit of learning and in an environment of
mutual respect.
We are all here to learn. I am committed to maintaining an environment wherein we all
feel safe to do so.
If you have medical information to share with me in the event of an emergency, please contact
me via email or come to see me during office hours. Emergency preparedness is important!
If you need course modifications / adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, I can
refer you to our Disability Resource Center (DRC).
If you prefer, you may contact them directly by going to B 132 or by calling
425.564.2498 or TTY 425.564.4110. Information is also available on their
website at
If you are a student with a documented Autism Spectrum Disorder, there is additional help at
[email protected] or 425-564-2764. ASN is located in the Library Media Center D 125.
Cheating, Plagiarism, Drop procedure. For all these, please refer to the Arts and Humanities
Emergency Information: K-100 at 425-564-2400 or
They also have a lost and found center there.
Electronic devices in the classroom: Please only use electronic devices to enhance your
learning experience in the classroom. That means, please do not do your online homework
during class time. Please do not text or otherwise use your cell phone. I reserve the right to
temporarily take away your electronic device should you not follow these guidelines.
Our goal is to empower students and to foster an academic relationship wherein the student
takes full responsibility for the learning and assessment process. It is inappropriate for an
instructor to discuss a student’s issues with anyone other than the student. This includes
parents, any family members or others.
Mastering a Foreign/World Language is like mastering a musical instrument. It takes daily
practice and several years before you become competent. It’s entirely normal to feel frustrated
at times. Try not to be afraid of making mistakes in class or elsewhere. Mistakes are an
important part of the learning process. As I stated earlier, celebrate those mistakes, and have a
laugh over them. Trying to speak another language is often an act of courage. Success often
comes after numerous little blunders. What matters is perseverance.
FOR Fall 2014
Note: The due dates for the supersite work will be posted on the supersite.
Workbook/Lab Manual and
Lab manual due dates
Lesson 6a
Tuesday, 9/30
Lesson 6b &
Tuesday, 10/7
Lesson 7a
Wednesday, 10/15
Lesson 7b &
Thursday, 10/23
Lesson 8a
Thursday, 10/30
Lesson 8b &
Wednesday, 11/12
Test date
Tuesday, 10/7
Thursday, 10/23
Wednesday, 11/12
Lesson 9a
Friday, 11/21
Lesson 9b &
Wednesday, 12/3
Final exam: French 122 A :
Monday, 12/8 from 9:30 AM—
11:20 AM
We will try to stick with this schedule, but unexpected circumstances could result in changes.
A :
A- :
B+ :
B- :
C+ :
C- :
D+ :
59 and below
Je vous souhaite un trimestre magnifique! (I wish you all a fabulous quarter!)
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