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Re: Branding of Henkel products
Dear Valued Customer,
At Henkel it is our goal to build a long term relationship with you by providing the most advanced
technology solutions and service.
We recently conducted an extensive customer survey which made it clear that our large portfolio of
brands and product names has become challenging to understand by the markets and customers we
Therefore, we have decided to introduce a new branding approach that will simplify our entire portfolio.
We will group all of our products under five Technology Brands. Each of these brands will represent a
group of specific technologies:
LOCTITE will be our brand for engineered, high performance adhesive,
sealant and coating solutions.
BONDERITE products represent Henkel’s surface technology solutions
that are created to provide a competitive advantage in our customers
manufacturing processes.
TECHNOMELT is Henkel’s brand for hot melt adhesive technologies
that are designed to assist our customers in optimizing their production
TEROSON is Henkel’s brand for bonding, sealing, coating and
reinforcing in automotive body and vehicle repair & maintenance
AQUENCE is Henkel’s brand for innovative, sustainable, water-based
adhesive solutions.
We are confident that our new branding approach will provide you easier navigation of our product
portfolio and will help us provide you with optimized customer service and the best technology solutions
more quickly and efficiently.
Henkel Corporation  32100 Stephenson Highway  Madison Heights, MI 48071  Telephone: (248) 583-9300
We will only modify the product naming. For at least six months we will provide both the old and
new names on the product labels for most products.
It is important to note, there will be no changes to the product composition or chemical formulation, nor
any changes to our terms and conditions. In most cases, the numeric codes of our products will remain
unchanged. We will ensure that all approvals and certifications will remain valid and all Technical Data
Sheets and MSDSs will be updated accordingly.
Attached to this letter, please find a list of branding changes affecting your business and the planned
timing. The “Date of Change” means that all new batches of that product will be produced and labelled
with the new name from that date forward. We are NOT re-labelling existing stocks of products, so it may
take some weeks or months for the new named product to move through the supply chain and be
delivered to you. Hence, it is possible that orders you place for products after their “Date of Change” may
be delivered with the old name.
We trust that these changes will help you navigate our portfolio of brands and products more easily in the
future. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact your Henkel representative.
Best regards,
Charles J. Evans
Senior Vice President & General Manager
Adhesive Technologies
Henkel Corporation
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Dispomelt YY 3000
Aquence XX 5550
Technomelt YY 3000
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Sep 2012
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