2.1 Objectives

Situated In Ghana
(Wasa Akropong)
Wasak General Merchant
1 Proprietor Summary
1.1The Business Name and Address
2 The Products and Services
2.1 Objectives
2.2 Mission Statement
2.3 Keys to Success
2.4 Company Ownership
2.5 Assets as collateral security
2.6 Product Description
3 Market and Competitors
3.1 SWOT Analysis
3.2 PESTLE Analysis (Wider Factors Affecting Strategy)
3.3 Market Research and results
3.3. Advertising
 Appendix
Why Quality Goods and Services for the people of Ghana?
In recent times, there are a lot inferior commodities flooded in the Ghanaian market.
Quality product is a basic need of life and is indispensable.
Wasak General Merchant will provide quality goods and services throughout Ghana.
In providing these services, it is believed that Wasak General Merchant will attract
customer through the introduction of ‘pay less for quality products’, a competitive
edge through pricing and attention to the detailed needs of each individual customer
through customer liaison.
Although the present market is not keenly competitive, Wasak General Merchant has
still found through extensive market research that there is a definite demand for
Wasak General Merchant features and benefits, such as low pricing package, which
none of it competitors offer.
Once Wasak General Merchant has become established and has gained a reputation
for quality and reliability within Ghana, the business hopes to expand its range of
items throughout West Africa thereby increasing its customer base, its turnover and
finally its profits
1.1 The Business Name and Address
Business Name; Wasak General Merchant
Business Registration Number; BN-81,3820
Our business address is;
Hospital Road
P. O. Box 45
Wasa Akropong
Western Region
E-mail Address; [email protected]
2.1 Objectives
1. We aim to become a leading Supply of goods and services in Ghana.
2. We shall strive to supply quality items for the consumption of our value customers.
3. We aim to provide the highest quality standards of services, consistently
achieving quality by forming a strong team with my staffs, suppliers and customers
thus enabling financial growth.
2.2 Mission Statement
Our mission is to become the first choice General Merchant in the sub- Saharan
region of West Africa and Ghana in particular.
This will be achieved by being
 Serving my customers to give them satisfaction.
 Supplying products of high quality.
 Acknowledge my responsibility for the environment.
 Recognising the importance of a motivational and
well-trained and respected workforce.
 Taking advantage of the new business opportunities
to ensure growth.
2.3 Keys to Success
To succeed in this business we must:
 Distribute commodities of high quality. We must offer high quality products to
our customers at affordable prices.
 Offer high level quality product by recruiting highly skilled labour force, training,
and retaining my workers
 Offer continuous training to all my staffs so as to be able to have a good team of
friendly transaction and sales staff and maintain a high level of warehouse
 Mitigate my business effect on the environment.
 Charge reasonable prices for all my items to gain new and old customer retention
2.4 Ownership
The Wasak General Merchant is a solely owned by Mr. Samuel Ainoo
2.5 Assets as collateral security
Personal assets
1.Samuel Ainoo
Owns 4 bed flat at Mission
road, Wasa Akropong,
W/R Ghana.
2. Store at Hospital road, ¢95,000,000.00
Wasa Akropong.
3. Toyota Carina ‘E’
saloon With
Registration number
4. Boys quarters at
Obuasi - Nyameso
Date of Valuation
12th April 2004
10th May 2005
22nd August 2005
16th June 2005
2.6 Product Description
Wasak General Merchant will offer variety of quality goods and services such as:
(a) Stationeries
(b) House hold utilities
(c) Building materials
(d) Auto spares
(e) Welding equipments
(f) Plant equipments
(g) Electrical equipments
(h) Sanitary equipments
(i) Sanitary services
Market and Competitors
3.1 SWOT Analysis
 Experience-The proprietor, Samuel has experience in the field of Accounting,
Inventory Control and IT environment.
 Contacts-The proprietor has a lot of contacts in relevant areas of Supply business.
 Training expertise- Samuel has staff training expertise and recruitment skills since
I was well trained from my previous organisation. Safety, Health and
Environment awareness is my priority.
 Legal- Lawrence Ainoo, being LLB holder from University of Ghana, Faculty of
Law, has broad knowledge of the legal regime of the business environment of
 The proprietor does not have extensive initial capital.
 Poor infrastructures in certain part of the country hinders on - time – in –for.
My customers will have the opportunity to make better choice.
People are increasingly becoming health and quality services conscious.
Better strategy provides better service quality.
Demand for quality item is increasing in Ghanaian market.
Increasing population of Ghana.
Items are ordered according to national energy standard.
Large numbers of players already in the market at present.
Other enterprises bring in inferior commodities to tarnish the image of genuine
Rising interest rates, inflation and costs in general.
Persistent increase of fuel currently in the world market.
3.2 PESTLE Analysis
(Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Legal)
District, regional or central government changes
Tax, social security contribution or VAT changes
State agencies like;
Ghana Investment Promotion Centre
Ghana Standards Board
Develop and enforce standards to promote quality in Trade and Industry.
Environmental Protection Agency
To ensure that the regulatory and enforcement function for agency one given priority
Employment situation in Ghana
Inflation level in the country
Interest rates
Energy cost
Infrastructure level
Change in social life styles. People living quality-conscious life style
Climatic changes affecting the need for particular type of garment and equipment.
People are living longer due to improved medication and technological
advancement leading to prolong survival of people calling for increased quality
commodity provision and consumption.
Information technology will provide access to customers via the Internet.
I.T will help supply quality commodity.
I.T will also enable the business to reach potential employees
Health and Safety Laws
Employment Laws
Product safety Laws
3.3 Market Research and Results
The sales will largely depend on the buying behaviour of organisations such as the
mining industries, hotels, district Assemblies and hospitals
3.3. Advertising
 The advertisement will be in black and white in Daily Graphic, the Ghanaian
biggest selling newspaper, the national radio stations and other FM stations.
As the company progresses advertisement will be made in GTV, the station of the
Potential Customer Base
Mining companies:
Anglo Gold Asante ltd.(AGA) Obuasi
Anglo Gold Asante ltd. Eduaprim via Tarkwa
Golden Star Resources ltd. Bogoso
Abosso Goldfields ltd. Damang
Goldfields Ghana ltd. Tarkwa.
Health Authorities:
Korle-Bu teaching Hospital. Accra
37 Military Hospital. Accra
University of Ghana Hospital. Accra
Cocoa Clinic. Accra
SSNIT Hospital. Accra
Komfo Anokye teaching Hospital. Kumasi
Kwame Nkumah University of science & Technology Hospital. Kumasi
Efiankwanta teaching Hospital. Takoradi
European Hospital. Takoradi
Tarkwa Government Hospital. Tarkwa
Wasa Akropong Government Hospital. Wasa Akropong
Dunkwa-on-offin Government Hospital. Dunkwa
District Assemblies:
Targeted most district assemblies within Western Region.