San Carlos High School Career & Technical Education Job

San Carlos High School Career & Technical Education Job Description
Graphic Design Teacher
 Valid or ability to obtain Arizona Teaching Certificate and Arizona Career &
Technical (CTE) Certificate preferred.
 Knowledge of CTE programming essential.
 Bachelor's degree in education or related field. Masters degree and teaching
experience preferred.
 Extensive working knowledge of Graphic Design Software, Web Development,
Digital Photography, Video Editing, as well as competent Mac and PC support
 Repetitive motion and eye strain through extensive utilization of computer
hardware and software.
 May require lifting materials and supplies.
PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Graphic Design Instructor will provide opportunities for
students to acquire the knowledge and skills to plan, analyze, and create visual solutions
to communications problems. Students must be prepared to find the most effective way to
get messages across in print, electronic, and film media using a variety of methods such
as color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout
techniques. Students should be trained to develop the overall layout and production
design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other publications.
They also produce promotional displays, packaging, and marketing brochures for
products and services, design distinctive logos for products and businesses, and develop
signs and signage systems. Students must also be taught to develop material for web
pages, interactive media, and integrated multimedia projects such as television programs
and movies.
 Know and be guided by the curriculum guides of the Arizona CTE Division,
district and the school.
 Keep current on the latest educational technology methods.
 Typed lesson plans in prescribed template and submitted at appropriate deadlines.
 Maintain a plan book of daily instruction based on district curriculum guides and
emergency plans in the event of illness.
 Establish and communicate to students well defined objectives for each lesson,
including related projects and activities.
 Be responsible for an instructional program and the utilization of teaching
methods which consider the individual needs, interests, abilities and maturity
levels of the student.
 Create a classroom/lab environment that emulates and is conducive to learning
Graphic Design industry skills
Using the vehicle of SkillsUSA, assists students to develop those attitudes and
skills in citizenship, leadership, and human relations which will contribute to their
personal and occupational success.
 Attend staff meetings and district in-service programs.
 Seeks evaluation from students, employers, graduates, and teachers of postsecondary programs in drafting education.
 Be responsible for discharging instructional and non-instructional school related
activities as assigned.
 Be responsible for own involvement as a contributing member involving group
decision making and the development of a positive, cooperative building
 Knowledge of the Microsoft Office Professional Software Suite
 Ability to effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing, with students,
faculty, advisory committee members, and administration.
 Keeps CTE Director informed of the overall aspects of the course; i.e., CTSO functions
work of involved faculty, planned placement of students for college and lab activities.
 Evaluate and provide individual student progress on a regular basis and keep
requisite records. Justify promotions, retentions and special program
 Identify and refer unusual student behavior to appropriate specialists.
 Be responsible for enforcing building approved discipline plan.
 Be responsible for the supervision of students at all times.
 Keep records of pupil attendance.
 Know and observe board policies and regulations.
 Graphic Design teachers are governed by the school districts policies and
procedures, general professional drafting standards, and the specific requirements
Eastern Arizona College's Dual Credit Intergovernmental Agreement.
 Complete CTE forms and information as required.
 Report to the nurse any injury or illness to a student or self.
 Account for school and district property, as required.
 Advise administration immediately of needed repairs, replacements and/or unsafe
building/equipment conditions.
 Remain in school after dismissal of students, as necessary to complete daily
duties, attend meetings, hold parent conferences, etc.
 Follow school regulations regarding emergency procedures.
 Prepares annual budgets; orders supplies, instructional materials and equipment
according to district procedures; maintains inventory records as required.
Manage and forecast program budget.
Keeps accounts of all expenditures, requisitions and travel.
 Meet with parents as required concerning student needs and progress.
 Interpret school policies and programs to students and parents.
 Effectively communicate and involve parents and community in the Graphic
Design program.
 Utilizes the community as a learning resource and as an extension of the
classroom for students.
 Expand cooperative relationships with community organizations, individuals,
and/or activities related to Graphic Design.
 Promote student recruitment, attendance and retention.
 Integrate academic and career/technical skills of the Graphic Design program
 Perform such other tasks and job-related duties and responsibilities as may be
assigned by the building principal.
 Terms of employment are subject to the Master Contract from San Carlos School