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Operating Agreement
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BISM 2100/03
Spring 2011
Professor Michael Perry
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Mission Statement:
Paradigm Consultants mission is to enable companies to achieve the ideal
standard in today’s business world. By this standard we strive to be the best in
our industry and provide our customers with the abilities to set themselves ahead
of the competition.
Team Paradigm’s objective is to be the model of excellence in the
consulting industry. We strive to be the best in our market at producing reliable
results in a timely fashion. In the process of working on our social networking
project we plan to finish assignments days in advance. In order to do so we know
we must function as a team and avoid procrastination. Everyone on Team
Paradigm knows their individual roles and will be expected to accomplish their
role in a timely fashion. Team Paradigm acknowledges that if we work together
to the best of our abilities the result of our grade shall be an A.
Decision Making:
Decisions will be made by majority rule, which results in a 4/5ths vote;
however, majority rule does not mean the same majority for every decision. In
other words we want everyone to have a voice and an opinion. If group members
are missing and the vote results in a tie the Project Manager will have the final
say. But through this final say the Project Manager must consider the pros and
cons of the decision being made and will not just simply have his/her way. All
group decisions must be weighted on whether or not they are attainable and if it is
the best fit for Team Paradigm.
Due Dates:
March 25, 2011
Team Operating Agreement
April 1, 2011
Web Site
April 20, 2011
Team Paper
May 2, 2011
Team Video
May 5, 2011
Peer Evaluations
Meeting Dates:
Meeting dates and times are designed to be productive, creative, and to come up
with game plans for upcoming assignments due. By the end of each meeting Team
Paradigm will need to know exactly what needs to be done so that we can get the task at
hand complete.
These meetings will be at Rita’s house, University Place Bldg 700, a week before
the assignment is due.
If a team member is not able to make a meeting it is he/she responsibility to get
the assigned work to the group in a timely fashion. Excess absences may be subject to a
team meeting to discuss the possibility of a penalty. Team Paradigm does expect each
team member to respect each other’s time and to make all the meetings.
March 17, 2011
Discuss Team Operating Agreement and come up with a game plan for the
project. Discuss what sections of the paper we are going to write
March 24, 2011
Discuss Web Site Possibilities and come up with a game plan for the Team Paper.
Team members should have emailed the Research Coordinator with all references
to be checked out before this meeting. Team should come to this meeting with
references and a game plan of how their section of the paper will be written.
March 31, 2011
Discuss the Team Paper. Have individual sections of the paper written to hand in
to Jared to combine and make it flow.
April 7, 2011
Discuss the final copies of the team paper. Team members should come to this
meeting prepared to finalize the Team Paper so that we can hand it off to Team
number 10 - Mock 5 for editing.
April 14, 2011
Discuss making the video
April 21, 2011
Shoot video and send off for editing.
Preparation and Quality Accepted:
Team Paradigm will accept everyone’s best work to be considered for the
final project. Team Paradigm will allow everyone to look at the rough draft of
each part of the overall project to add input. It will be the Project Manager’s
responsibility to get everyone the ruff draft copy of each assignment. We will
then decide, as a team, through our decision making process what the final project
shall look like. Team Paradigm must come to each meeting prepared to be
productive and creative. Coming unprepared will be unacceptable and may result
in adhering to the Team Expectation policy. Team members will be able to find
what is to be prepared for each team meeting by looking under the team meeting
dates category of the Team Operating Agreement.
Performance Standards:
Each team member is expected to perform their role to the best of their
ability. If help is needed that individual needs to ask for help. However, as team
members we are responsible for and prepared to offer help. It is the Project
Managers job to make sure all assignments are turned in and completed in a
timely fashion.
Team Expectations:
If team members do not meet the expectations stated above the following plan of
action will be taken, depending on severity of course.
Warning and team will talk with the individual
3 points subtracted from peer evaluation
5 points subtracted from peer evaluation
Notify Professor
Communication will be a very important part of Team Paradigm; email, text,
Skype, and team meetings will be the sources of communication for Team Paradigm.
1st source of communication
2nd source of communication
3rd source of communication
4th source of communication
Team Meetings
5th source of communication
Communication will be carried out in a timely fashion. Email is the first source
of contact. Team members will be expected to call or email if they cannot make team
meetings. Email should be answered within 24 hours unless it the weekend. Any post or
emails sent after 5pm on Friday, team members would have 72 hours to respond.
If team member is not heard from within 48 hours there will be team consensus of
how many points are deducted from their peer evaluation. Team members are expected
to reply to emails, text, and WebCt acknowledging they received an email sent.
Team members are to come to meeting prepared and ready to discuss what needs
to be covered.
Team Members and Roles:
Adeola Oso
Research Coordinator
Rita Ray Chhabra
Presentation Coordinator
Zach Varnell
Web Site Coordinator 
Jared Stawn
Formal Report Coordinator 
Chris Bryant
Project Manager 
Team Operating Agreement: Chris Bryant
Team Web: Zach Varnell, Adeola Oso
Team Paper: Jared Strawn, Adeola Oso
Team Video: Rita Chhabra, Zach Varnell
Project Manager Chris Bryant will be involved in all steps of the deliverables.
Team Signatures:
I, the undersigned, do agree to abide by the above mission statement and team
guidelines. I also agree to carry out the duties that my member role requires of me. I
understand that the Team Operating Agreement is subject to change upon agreement of
all members.
Project Manager
Chris Bryant
_________________________________ _________________________________
Formal Report Coordinator
Jared Strawn
_________________________________ _________________________________
Research Coordinator
Adeola Oso
_________________________________ _________________________________
Presentation Coordinator
Rita Chhabra
_________________________________ _________________________________
Web Site Coordinator
Zach Varnell
_________________________________ _________________________________

Team 5 Operating Agreement